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relax_sunset_tThe gloom and grayness of your hometown is letting you down? You are soon to get married and want somewhere warm and beautiful for your honeymoon? Well one of many options is Italy, one of most beautiful and romantic European countries, offering you any kind of honeymoon you can desire.





The archeological honeymoon

Something for archeology, architecture and history lovers. Italy with its really ancient and amazing history is the perfect place for those who wants to learn something about life in old times. Many beautiful ancient cities, like the capital, Rome itself gives you possibility to enjoy a journey in to the glorious past. If you decide to this kind of honeymoon be prepared for… walking. An archeological honeymoon will accomplish of many wonderful photos, funny videos and a great dose of knowledge. If you feel that in the heart you are an Indiana Jones, you may opt for this idea for the honeymoon.
Places you must visit: Verona, Rome, Pompeii, Herculaneum, Paestum, Syracuse, Trapani and Tharros.



The sea side honeymoon

Of course Italy is known for the sea, sun and beaches, so as a duty a beach honeymoon need to enter our propositions. You can choose between many amazing places, for Italy has 7.600 km of coastlines as well as some amazing islands, including the famous Capri, Sicily, Maddalena archipelago, Tuscan archipelago, Venetian Lagoon. For many couples the seaside honeymoon is the most romantic option ever. With charming sunsets, intimate walks by sunrise, night bonfires and stormy weather when comfortable in your hotel room, by fireplace you watch the raging power of nature. If you are a romantic lost in the modern world for you seaside honeymoon you must visit: Venice, Sicily, Capri and Ischia, southern coastlines: Amalfi, Sorrento and Cilento.



Wellness and relax honeymoon

After all the planning, running and choosing which concerned you wedding what you may want for your honeymoon is a relax and body renewal. And also in this case Italy is the best choice. With many natural hot springs, sulphur pools some regions of Italy were known yet in ancient times. With time passing nobles and famous people of Europe were visiting Italy to benefit from its natural resources. Now days old amazing buildings host modern spas and wellness centers, offering you body and soul renewal in charming atmosphere. If rest and relax are your aims you must visit: Groseto, Rome, Ischia, Florence, Siena, Brescia and Naples.



Food and vine honeymoon

Do you love good food and vine? Well which country is best known for both if not Italy? Italian vines, so characteristic for every region are world famous, as well as cuisine that from centuries provoke to sin those who are dieting. There isn’t just one place for sampling best of the best, for every single dish has its varieties depending on region, city or even families. Main difference is between northern and southern cuisine. The first one famous for risotto, ravioli and meats, while the second will charm you with simple plates of pasta with seafood and fresh vegetables. To organize your food & vine honeymoon it may be good idea to rent a car, choose 5 or 6 cities and visit them, one by one, indulging in glorious fest.


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