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chose_right_flowers_230You dream about beautiful and unique wedding bouquet, yet having so many things to do, you don’t have too much to chose. You look for original and stunning flower arrangements, but how to find them? Well here we will give you some advice that may be helpful to you while choosing your florist.

Make the appointment

Chose 3 – 4 florists shops you might seen while walking and visit them. Watch carefully on how you were received, if the person assigned to you gave you the assistance you needed, giving suggestions, opinions and ideas. If you were left alone with wedding bouquets catalog, just leave, this place isn’t the right one.

Take a good look

Have a good look in the inside of the shop. How look the arrangements in pot? Are they fresh and nicely made, without having too much decorations. Are the colors harmonizing with each other? Watch with attention propositions in the catalog. What is your first impression? Are the compositions having something unique to distinguish them, either all of them look alike? Decide if you want to have similar wedding bouquet.


Matching the bouquet

See in what way the florist tries to choose flowers to your arrangements an bridal bouquet. Did she ask you  for the photo of your gown, groom’s clothing color, bridesmaids, reception hall and church decorations? Is she able to explain which flowers will suit you best, accentuate your type of beauty and personality? Is she able to explain which style of bouquet will look best with gown and accessories  you’ve chosen? Were you asked about your personal favourite flowers? A good florist is able to listen with attention to the client requests and to understand the “likes” and “dislikes” of the future spouse.

The budget planning

Some clients may have no clue on how expensive the flowers are. So it is important and worth to count and recount  the amount of money for bride and bridesmaids bouquets and flower arrangements. Are the florist propositions fine for you budget, or over it? Ask for the seasonal flowers (follow this useful guide), which surely will lower the cost of your request. A good florist always knows how to find best solution, no matter how much money you want to spend and how big your wedding is.


When finally you decide on your bouquet and flower arrangement style, colors and  flowers of which you want to make them, bring to the florist some photos of the wedding location, or better even let her visit it. If you want to be sure about your bouquet see it the evening before your wedding, so eventual changes or adjustments can be done.



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