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colourful_brides_shoes_thrShoes are important part of your bridal look. Usually everyone goes for classic white, but very trendy lately become the original idea of wearing colored shoes to your wedding dress. As color is a great way to express  yourself, so it is your choice of what kind of bride you are.

What kind of shoes?

This is an important question. Of course you want to be fashionable, but taking in consideration all the dancing and walking you will be doing take care that they are comfortable. If you aren’t high heel person, don’t wear them, pretty ballerinas will surely look nice with your dress, and wont knock you out. Kind of shoes depend also on your wedding locations, you wouldn’t wear a 15 high heels for a beach wedding.


In this case it will be most appropriate to leave along the hills altogether, and use simple flat sandals. If you are having elegant wedding wear classic shoes with heel, but remember to not exaggerate with height, bet you don’t want to towering above your groom.
If you decide for winter wedding it is almost a duty to wear lovely boots. They not only will keep your feet warm, but may be funny subject for your wedding photos.


Well… Not only you have choose a wedding shoes, but yet you have to think about their color. Nothing easier than take a pair that will match a color scheme of your wedding, or décor elements. For example, your flower arrangements is in shades of blue and white you can go through out navy blue, ultramarine, azure and every other shade of blue you desire.  Easy? Yes of course. Another popular way for choosing the color is your bridesmaids dress color. Just find shoes that match the color of the fabric, add to your dress a sash of same color. To make it even more original make bridesmaids wear shoes of color matching your dress and similar sashes.

How to choose the right color


Every single bride wish to be even a little herself during this important event. Do you know that a color you chose speaks about you?

Brown wedding shoes : the basic colored wedding shoes. Modest and simple, many girls like to wear them, for they are suitable for every event.

Orange wedding shoes: can match white dress, especially if long. Orange, being one of warm colors group will make you feel of feminine quality.

Yellow wedding shoes: match perfectly ivory or pink wedding dress. This color will match some other yellow colored details, like bow, ring or flowers.

Green wedding shoes: will perfectly match a snow white dress, bringing up a spring like freshness to your look and your photos. Make you feel happy!

Blue wedding shoes: concise and dandified. Going particularly well with sea or beach wedding, matching the colors of scenery, the sea and the sky.




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