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bride_groomEven if you put all your heart and soul into your wedding preparations and organization, there may happen things which may upset your guests. And Iím sure it is the last thing that you want. Here goes the list of most frequent  gaffes with ideas on how to avoid them.

We are couple four years and received invitations with accompanying persons
The invitations with accompanying persons you send to people who doesn't have a domestic partner. If we care for a good mood of our guests it is better to ask for the name and surname of the person with which your guest will attend to the wedding.
We were sitting among unknown people, far from our friends and family
This situation happens often if you not use the place cards, but may happen as well in case the places are signed. To avoid this kind of gaffe you need to plan very carefully a place for everyone, taking in consideration friends and family. If there will be guests who may not know anyone it is good to place them with people of similar age.
Loud music made it impossible to speak by the table
First of all try to find a band or a DJ who won't use decibels during the reception. Guests spends a lot of time by the table, so they need to have assured possibility to speak. The best thing to do is to set tables far from the playing band, and speakers shouldn't be set against guests.  Remember that loud music is particularly unpleasant to older people.
The couple didn't stop by our table even for a moment
Time during you big day goes on faster than usual. You need to remember that guests came here especially for you . So try to thank them for their presence by stopping near and at least asking how are they enjoying themselves, but don't stop too long by one table, divide your time so it lasts for everyone.
We drove 500 miles and no one offered us a place to sleep
For guests who are tired by long drive the couple should book a hotel. After all you cannot expect that your guests after wedding will travel back to their houses. Eventually you may ask family or your friends to host your guests for that night. If you don't want to do neither of those, with invitation you can send a list of hotels nearby, so the booking can be made by guests themselves.
Carefully planning and trying to see the wedding from the perspective of your guests will help you avoid many unpleasant and unwanted situations. But don't forget it is your day, and you are the most important person. So Good planning!



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