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caprino-2The italian cuisine is known as italian pride all around the world, as much as the history, the sea and the art. Let’s have a look at one of the much sought-after italian menu trying to take some good ideas to set up the wedding menu.

Of course, you can find the very best cuisine offered in Italy at our venues, with the most important and brilliant Chefs of the country and theirs elegant and delicious dishes. Let's talk about Villa Serbelloni's menu.


The Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni’s cuisine is care of Enrico Bocchia, brilliant excutive chef of international renown,  the father of the italian molecolar cuisine.  One of his secret is to pay the right attention to quality of the indredients. Every Bocchia’s recipes are borned from the perfect wedding between scientific rationality and quality control of raw materials combined with his inspired touch.

If it’s true that Villa Serbelloni is one of the greatest italian locations, thanks to its history and its stunning view on the Lake of Como,  it’s also true that every Villa Serbelloni’s guests leave our country with a lot of wonfederful food memories.

So, we have chosen for you some of the special recipes by Enrico Boccia.


The Caprino Cheese in cabbage leafs with Sweet Peppers.

The goat cheese, a characteristic of the valleys that surround us, with this different way of preparation, maintains the role of the protagonist on our tables.


[via Villa Serbelloni]



The "Agnolotti" of fresh pasta stuffed with artichokes and potatoes with fresh tomato fillets.

An exemplary Italian cooking dish, with a variation of the stuffing, here based on artichokes and potatoes. These vegetables were usually perceived as poor country products, but undoubtedly rich of taste and substance.

[via Villa Serbelloni]



The "Half Moons" of fresh pasta with a stuffing of red turnips cooked in melted butter and poppy seeds.

The "Half Moons" of fresh pasta are stuffed with sweet and creamy red turnips enriched by grated Parmigiano cheese and aromatic herbs, then dressed with melted butter and poppy seeds that exalt its taste and flavour.

[via Villa Serbelloni]



The escalopes of foie-gras and tails of shrimps ith salad in balmy vinegar sauce.

The combination of foie-gras, lightly burnt in frying pan, with steamed tails of shrimps completed by a sauce of balmy vinegar creates a sweet and salt harmony lightened by the new salads.

[via Villa Serbelloni]



The chocolate soufflè with pear sauce and morello ice cream.

The art of presenting this dessert does express the importance that the chocolate has in our confectionery. A soufflè with a heart of creamy chocolate with pear sauce and whipped morello ice cream in liqueur.

[via Villa Serbelloni]





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