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seed-packet-wedding-favors-do-it-yourself-wedding_230“Happiness held is the seed; happiness shared is the flower”:  share your happiness with your wedding guests by giving them seeds give away gifts.
Lovely, inexpensive and truly ingenious. A wonderful way to make your guests remember your wedding day long after it has passed. Perfect for spring, summer or even winter themed wedding. And idea that will appeal to every romantic, eco friendly bride. Seeds wedding favors are one of most wonderful favors – why to give something that will stay on a shelf gathering dust, when in easy way, without spending heaps of money you can make unique favors which will be joy and pleasure for the eyes.
How to prepare seeds wedding favors?
Well there is nothing easier. In case you have a garden, or someone of your friends or family members happens to have one you can gather flower seeds yourself. If your wedding is due in summer or spring  you’ll have to harvest seeds an year before. Remember to store them in dry, dark place.
If you cannot be bothered with gathering seeds, you can always buy them in gardening supply shop. You won’t even need to buy many of seeds packages – usually there are many of them inside the bag, so you can divide them in smaller portions.

Which seeds use for your favors?
Actually you can use every seed you can find, but most popular though are wildflower seeds. You can  use seeds that are related to your wedding theme. For example if you have a garden wedding you may use seeds of flowers which actually are growing in the garden. For a summer wedding you can use sunflower seeds. You even can prepare your seeds give away gifts in accordance to your wedding menu. If you decide to serve Italian dishes you may present your guests with some basil seeds. For French cuisine you can use seeds of herbs that are part of  the Herbes de Provence mix – savory, fennel or thyme.

How to present seeds favors?
The most popular way is to place small amount of seeds into tiny envelopes, which can be personalized with your names, wedding date and planting instruction. Another very popular seed package are little gift boxes, really often used for wedding favors. With a ribbon or a piece of raffia you attach a card on which can be written anything you want: your wedding date, name of the plant or a love quotation. If you want more natural look may use some  burlap fabric. Place the seeds in the middle of the fabric squares and tie with a string, attaching information card.
The latest…
One of most surprising seeds favors are memory cards with attached flowers made of  handmade seed paper. To give such a card to your guests is to give them fun and joy – for the paper flowers can be torn into pieces and planted in the ground. Than to be watered evenly, seeds shall germinate in about one week. These are really blooming flowers! Are totally natural, hundred percent biodegradable, and so lovely!



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