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insalata_caprese_food_italy_wedding_menuA gate to southern Italy, Campania is a land of culinary marvels. A paradise for sea food lovers, pasta eaters and tomato maniacs.
A gate to southern Italy, Campania is a land of culinary marvels. A paradise for sea food lovers, pasta eaters and tomato maniacs. Local food is probably considered most typical for this wonderful country.
Fresh, local products, genuine recipes and hundred years of tradition are determinants  of those amazing dishes.
A must have on your Italian wedding reception, or to be tasted during honeymoon, 5 most characteristic and famous plates from Campania.

Spaghetti con la pummarola


Probably best known, simplest and yet one of the most delicious first servings of south. Consist on spaghetti pasta dipped in fresh tomato sauce slightly aromatized with garlic and fresh basil.
Very popular in all southern Italy spaghetti con la pummarola is a true feast for all senses.

Risotto alla Pescatora


Whereas risotto is mostly connected with northern regions, this amazing dish is a classic for Naples and all Coastlines zone. Delicate flavours of the sea blend with light rice base, creating a concoction that no one can resist. Perfect light food for a hot summer day, of course to be served with white wine.

Parmigiana di Melanzane


This very elaborated dish takes quite a lot of time to prepare, but it is worth though. Sliced eggplants fried in egg and grated Parmesan cheese are being than layered with tomato sauce, cheese (preferably Mozzarella) and fresh basil and backed in the oven, blending those characteristic flavours in a wonderful dish that cannot be resisted.

Pesce all Aqua Pazza


What is this funny sounding dish? Well, literally it means "Fish in Crazy Water", but nonetheless such a name it is really one of easiest and tasty way to cook a fish. Well known in all Campania, but very characteristic for Amalfi Coast, where locally caught fishes are shortly stewed in water with garlic, fresh tomatoes and parsley. Sound very easy, doesn’t it? And it is even more tasty!

Insalata Caprese


A very fresh and light dish prepared with typical products of local countryside – tomatoes and Mozzarella. Sliced tomatoes arranged on a plate and alternated with Mozzarella slices, sprinkled with olive oil and fresh basil so easy to prepare, and yet so tasty! A true flavour of Campania, Insalata Caprese is decisively best plat de resistance of Italian cuisine.



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