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bouquet_2011_wedding_colourful_thumbBrides always are taking a great care about details of their wedding. The bouquet, as being a finishing touch to bridal look is as much important as everything else. Let's find out the best wedding bouquets styles for 2011.

Well, after all it is a day many were waiting for, and so everything has to be perfect. Starting from the venue, trough out the church, bridesmaids and the bride herself of course. But for a modern spouse everything, not just wedding gown and veil has to be prepared with great attention. I decided to make a little research about wedding flowers trends for this year.  What I found out – classic, romantic and glimmering. Here are five best wedding bouquets styles for 2011:

Monochromatic bouquets
These feature on one color in many shades. Are very strong trend for 2011. Lilies, freesias, gerberas or just three large heads of single hued hydrangeas are perfect for this kind of bouquet. A minimal filler, like for example lemon leaves provides enough greenery. Goes very nicely with fussy, frilly gown.  Most popular shades for this year are yellows, greens, whites, purples and pinks.


Succulents and flowers bouquets
A new trend emerging lately in the wedding world. Very popular are bright yellow craspedias, roses or orchids adorned with succulents. These  look really lovely, and can be used as well for table adornments. Great idea for modern eco bride – the succulents last longer than any other fresh flowers, and after the reception can be planted, leaving a growing memory of your “I do” day. Discover at this link a videotutorial about how to make a succulent bridal bouquet on your own.

[via 2.bp.blogspot]

Bejeweled bouquets
Many brides ask for a little “bling” to their wedding flowers. And for them florist invented  flower jewels. Those may consist on a simple rhinestones or seed pearls on a  wire to be inserted directly into the blossoms, or harts, butterflies and crosses to be added to the composition. You can as well buy adhesive rhinestones and sprinkle them over your flowers or ribbon.


Vintage style bouquets
The immortal vintage style wedding bouquets are still one of most popular. Those can bring to your bridal look elegance, daintiness, naturalness and romanticism. Old fashioned flowers, such as roses, peonies, tuberoses, dahlias in pinks, light violets or creams combined with feathers, lace ribbons or crochet wraps create one of most sweet and lovely details for your wedding day.


Silken flowers bouquets
Not fresh, but made of silk flowers are perfect solution for brides who wants a personalized ceremony with unique theme. Silk flowers are made to resemble classic as well as exotic flowers and thus you will surely find the right option for you. Another one good thing about these – you can keep them forever as a romantic memento of the happiest day of your life.




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