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Everyone wants a special memento of their wedding day. Photos and movies are most popular. But George Williams offers another one kind of memento – a caricature. Read our interview with the artist and find out about his works!

1.     Hi George, wellcome and thanks for accepting. I know that your specialty in illustration are caricature, spot illustrations, political satire, movie and celebrity caricatures. But in which ones you spread the best of your creativity?


I enjoy the challenge of Political Satire, as these have to be produced as quickly as possible and need a sharp whit (humor) to be successful, so these test me the most. However I very much enjoy working on my movie posters, because I can take my time and produce a highly finished piece. These themed posters are caricature versions of iconic film posters and the challenge is to maintain the original feel, but using only graphic (vector) images. I can be very creative here.

2.     I guess that part of your business is about live caricatures. How many requests do you receive to take part at events like weddings?
I get invited to around 100+ Weddings each year, but due to double bookings I usually attend around 50-60 weddings. Of course I deal with a great many more enquiries, for 2011, 2012 and 2013, many of which may not lead to bookings (

3.     What is hardest to draw during a wedding?


I find children are hardest to draw at weddings, because they are always curious and make a great fuss around me, but rarely stay still long enough to be drawn!

4.     Which was the most strange brief you've ever received?


I recently received a request from a Mental Asylum, to draw several inmates from some disturbing photos... This was on April 1st though and I was relieved to know it was a joke. I also received a thumbnail sized photo of a tiny girl, stood next to a huge horse. I could see neither very clearly, but wondered which I should draw?!
My oddest genuine enquiry was to attend a Hen Night - which was a pyjama party, for a UK celebrity Amanda Holden and 8 other actresses in a small hotel room. I enjoyed that evening immensely! :-)

5.     If a couple comes in Italy to get married, asking for your service, will you accept it?


Of course, I travel the world entertaining at events. I spent 2 months in Bahrain last year and attended a birthday party in Zurich also. All I ask is that my travel expenses are covered. If I cannot make the date, then I have several caricaturist colleagues in Italy that may be able to help. Smiles are international after all.

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