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groom-tips-idea-thumbOne of most important parts of wedding organization is to chose the right attire. And for brides so many good advices there are... on dresses, veils, shoes and underwear. But where’s the groom in all this?

Well... to say the true in general for groom the matter of looks does not create so many issues as for the bride. But the wedding fashion for man is also very important part of wedding planning so especially for beloved grooms who may get even more confused as far as it goes about the wedding clothes than their lovely brides, an article in which those poor souls will find some advices on the wedding look.
Of course the happy couple look depends on the event they are planning. The more formal it is the more strict are the codes. But here I have some advice for on how to make yourself look unique even in case of ultra formal wedding.

The tux

As groomsmen usually wear tuxes similar (if not identical) to the one of groom it might be nice idea to wear a different jacket. For example for a day time part of the event wear a cutaway coat, but make your friends put on stroller coats instead. Or if you are wearing a double breasted jacket, your boys can wear a single breasted cut. You may as well make them put on a black dinner jacket while you’re in white or the contrary.  Look for details,  if your jacket is on button there’s no problem for your groomsmen to wear three buttoned one, or satin lapel for you and plain for them.


The boutonniere

A mini corsage that most of male wear at weddings is a simplest way to help you to stand out from the group of males. Especially if your wedding is supposed to be very formal, and no mismatching clothing can be considered, this is the best option. For example great solution is to wear the corsage made of same flowers of which is composed your bride’s bouquet and for groomsmen ones matching bridesmaids' arrangements. Or you may pin three flowers to your lapel, whereas others use one single blossom, or a fully blooming flower for you with buds for your boys.

The tie

This is another one factors which may help you look “yourself”.  The idea is to wear differently coloured tie or bow tie than the ones your wedding gang is wearing. Another possibility is to wear altered type of neckwear. If you use a bow tie, the guys can use a neckties with a Windsor knot. In case you plan to wear an ascot the selection of matching neckties will be just perfect choice for your man.

The vest

Oh yes, you can experiment with those too. Get yourself one than is different from that of your groomsmens’. A black vest and tie for you a bridesmaids’ dresses matching vests and ties for them. Eventually you can set yourself apart by wearing a cummerbund and putting the lads in vests.




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