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best-table-numbers-idea-thumbLittle, but important. Not much seen, but looked at by everyone. Table numbers not only help your guest find their place but are part of wedding décor.

Wedding décor is the thing which takes most of your time and preparations, for everything must be buttoned up to the last button. Tablecloths, chair covers, flowers... it all has to harmonize with your perfect, artistic vision. Table numbers however are often a thing that makes you cry, you want them to be lovely and original, yet not to clash with the picture you have in your heart and mind. Well, don’t worry, there are some wonderfully creative solutions for classic, boring card numbers.

Photo numbers

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Those are really lovely, a bull’s eye for romantic but modern wedding.  It is a photo of you and your groom holding a number (of course different numbers for each table, you may as well change poses) glued to a paper tent. The photos can be made in whatever style you like: black and white, colors, sepia. Important thing is that they don’t clash with the table decorations and the entire wedding style. Perfect for DIY brides.


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Empty bottles can make truly amazing table numbers. If made of transparent glass you just wash them, dry them and paint the numbers on them using a glass paint. When ready fill them with some water and put inside flowers on long but thin stems daises, mayflowers perhaps or some little flowers which tempt to float. If your menu provide vine you may have one bottle of it labeled with table number and wedding date.

Tin cans


Well, you won’t believe, do you? But actually tin cans (when washed of course!) can make really lovely wedding table numbers. Just take you clean cans and attach to them a stencil number… and drill with medium sized bit to make out a shape of the number. Paint inside and outside with two different colors, use any colors you want. Place inside a tea pot candle, and voila!... Not just numbers but lanterns as well.


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The table number make be a part of your flower arranged on the dabbles. If you’re using  tall, slim vases numbers can be simply painted on them with the colors of your wedding , or cut out of card and tied to the top of vase with matching ribbon. If your flowers are classic, ball shaped bouquets you may insert into them a number on a wire. Of course the number color has to match the composition style and colors.

Glass vases

via Morganhilldisegn

A very original, yet getting popular idea. Glass vases in different  shapes, or glass platters covered with transparent covers with numbers written on them are truly artistic and lovely idea. To do those you may use anything you like Spanish moss, feathers, flowers, stones,  tree branches, fake bird’s eggs and nests and of course your limitless  imagination. This option works perfectly for vintage or old fashioned weddings.

Numbers – not numbers

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another one option is not to number, but to name the tables. Those might be names of places you and your groom visited, a word “love” or “kiss” written in different languages. For spring, garden themed wedding you may use name of flowers: a tulip table, a daffodil table... this option is really unique, especially if combined with  other creative options for wonderful wedding table numbers (or names if you prefer).



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