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wedding-underwear-thumbMost of brides while preparing  wedding focused mostly on choice of dress, which everyone will see and admire. But there is one thing not many will see, though it is very important. A wedding underwear.
The wedding underwear

Well, in case you already found the wedding gown of your dreams it is important to chose the right lingerie to go with it.

So it highly recommended to bring it with you on the last dress fitting. Why will you ask?
Well, you have to know if the underwear you are going to wear is right choice for the kind of dress you chose.


Here you will find some advices on choosing the right lingerie for your gown:

A line dress

Those are tight on torso, flaring out to a more or less showy skirt. You have to create a streamlined torso, with use or body suit or a seamless underwear on your bust. As the top of these dresses usually is tight it often flatten small busted brides, so therefore it  may need some padding, contrary to larger brides which will have to take care of  adequate support.

Ball gown dress

As those mostly consist on corset and full, princess like skirt pay great attention to the upper part. This style if the corset has no boning can create support problems for fuller bosom, so the bustier is recommended.

Column dress

One of greatest challenges, as it clings to every curve as well as every lump and bump. In this case, even though totally ungraceful  support pants and body suits which shape your silhouette may be a great help. Same rules for a mermaid like wedding dress.

One shoulder dresses

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Those  are very popular for the 2011 brides, but are a true challenge for underwear, which you have to wear without showing to everyone. The solution is so well know multiway bra with detachable  straps of which one you can remove.

Backless dress


Well, it is a problem which cannot be solved by moving straps. Some of multiway bras allow you to create a strap which goes around the waist or hips, but best solution will be a backless body which will as well contour your physique.

One important thing. The underwear you chose must be not only beautiful, but first of all comfortable, for you will be wearing it all day long. If you want to look really sexy and lovely for your husband on your first nigh together as man and wife you may consider using another one set of lingerie into which you change after the wedding. After all ... during the day everyone’s eyes will be on you, whereas at night... you’ll be only for him!



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