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macarons-perfect-favors-ideaLight as a feather, heavenly sweet and wonderfully colored. Those tiny sweets mostly associated with France are of Italian origin: were brought to France by Catharine Medici and her pastry chefs  in 1533. Well, no matter where they came from, till now they beguile us with lightness and sweetness.

Those little Parisian biscuits took a memorable part in wedding organization due to their lovely, artistic look and various taste possibilities: as a part of sweets buffet or more popular even as a wedding favor.
And today we would like to share with you some wedding  favors ideas with macaroons starring.
Where to start? Of course first of all you need to get the macaroons. Dare to make them yourself? Fine, there are thousand sites with recipes so don’t worry, those are quite simple to make. Cannot be bothered? Truly cannot blame you… Ok, take the phone book and find out which pastry can prepare them. The taste and colors depends only on your preferences (or your wedding color if everything must be perfect).


You got your delicacies? Perfect, check out if they are not crushed or broken… and you can start!
Wait, what to start you will ask. The packaging of course.
Little paper boxes, which you can easily purchase in any internet shop. Those can be personalized with yours and your groom’s names and wedding date, maybe the biscuits taste or a love quotation. All you need to do is to place inside a right quantity of macaroons (three is a perfect number) and close the box. Add eventually a piece of ribbon or fabric flower, something to make the box look prettier.

A good idea: try to pick up boxes with some adornments cut on them or do it yourself using a paper puncher. Believe, those will look truly amazing showing a little bit of color on the white background of the box.
If you want something more showy you can find clear cube plastic wedding boxes. Proceeding is similar as in previous example, only without punching. To those boxes you will have to have a little card attached, as it is impossible to print on them. But a bow tied in a gift box fashion, a little flower and the card with your wedding day and initials, and there you are! Aren’t they classy and elegant?


Next crafty idea with use of cellophane give you possibility to try new ways of packaging, but the lovelies one is a candy like shape. It’s easy to make, just cut your cellophane in rectangles. Alongside longer margin place three macaroons putting them on their edges. Roll like a candy and tie both ends with ribbon. Add a memo card… and voila! Originally and cheaply packed wedding favor.
Yet for brides who wants to give something useful the perfect solution are mason jars. You can find them in some online stores. On the jars you can glue a label with your wedding date or in case you prefer more decorative way tie a ribbon around the lid edge and attach a card with memento.




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