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Swimming-costume-rehelsal-1Summer is a period when everyone wants to look perfect, not only brides. Wearing bikinis, short, airy dresses require quite a good shape from us ladies. Today we would like to share with you some of summer training tips, suitable not only for future  spouses.

The weather is getting wormer and wormer... Everyone is awaiting holidays and the magic moment when putting on the wonderful swimming costume by some famous designer. Yep, beach, summer, tanning and... wait a moment! What are those fat folds? Well, to avoid those addictive roundness not exactly desired for your summer look it is easy to follow some simple rules.

Rule 1

Eat more often, but less! That means try to divide your daily meals in five instead of three, every four hours.  Don’t be nibbling in between meals : that will be the death of your dreamed shape. Try to avoid fats and fried things, change the hamburger or steak for a grilled fish. Prepare your meals in healthy way, cause the amount of calories depend as well on how the meal is prepared.

Rule 2

Spring is the best season to built up your health with fresh, non synthetic vitamins and microelements. Fresh vegetables and fruits are everywhere – get advantage of those! Replace your traditional sandwich launch with salad, for dinner a fruit smoothie . Remember tough that fruits contain sugars, so do not exaggerate with them!

Rule 3

Drink a lot of water! Every day we should be drinking from 1,5 to 2 litres of water. Especially when it is hot outside don’t forget to drink. Do not relay on ready juices and drinks they are really rich in sugars! Be careful with coffee which may provoke dehydration and washes away microelements. If you really need a dose of morning energy to wake up drink a cup of green tea, which not only has no calories but helps to cleans the body and help to stop the ageing thanks to antioxidants. Best water to drink will be natural, not fizzy, which may cause your belly to swell.   Absolutely avoid sodas, milkshakes and market bought fruit juices!


Rule 4

Move, move and once again move! No diet will help you if you don’t start to lead active life. Of course you don’t really have to sweat out your lunch in a gym five hours every day. Give up a little bit of modern commodities, instead of going to a supermarket with a car, walk! Bringing back bags will not only be good exercise for your legs but will strengthen your arms as well. If you have a dog  - take it for a long walk, to the beach or woods. Leave the escalator to your grandmother . Stairs climbing is one of best exercises ever!
If you are a clubbing disco fun  go to dance, even all the night! Dance is probably most amazing way to lose weight. While dancing you exercise all of your muscles. This is called pleasant and useful!

Rule 5

Don’t forget about smile! If you are in good mood and you like your body no one will notice those tiny, often imagined folds!
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