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Bridal_beauty_and_makeup_thumbBridal makeup will complete your wedding look. So it has to be perfect. But which things are really important and which should you avoid? Are the latest trends in makeup suitable for you or not? What to do or do not to look fresh and lovely? Here are some advices which will help you beautiful and at the same time natural.

First of all your skin. Of course you dream about flawless, lovely and healthy looking complexion. Today beauty centers provide many services and cures for our skin.

YES: a few months before the wedding start cleansing and nutritive treatments of your face. The last cleansing treatment make about four weeks before the wedding, the last nutritive mask two days before.
YES: tanning in solarium is better to plan a few weeks before. Of course start with small doses of artificial sun. Too much tanning will burn your skin, and last thing you want is a red face which will strongly contrast with white dress (especially on the photos).
NO: If there are some recommendation against the use of solarium do not use it!
NO: In case a spot happens to appear on your face just before the wedding don’t touch it, for it will became even more visible.


The base, and finishing touch to your makeup will be foundation, powder and blush. The overuse of those make create a visual disaster, so:

YES: the foundation in a color matching your skin. After being applied to face, neck and décolleté should resemble the tonality of your skin.
YES: Blush is perfect mean to model the angles of your face, but to use too much of it will make you look like Russian matrioshka, so go easy! If you have oily skin use the powdered blush, whereas for dry skin best will be a creamy blush.
NO: too much foundation will make your face look like mask with clearly signed wrinkles (even the expression wrinkles!) so do not apply to much of it.
NO: go easy with shiny pearly powders – too much of those will cause your face to shine not to glow!


Probably the most expressive part of our face are the eyes, so do not let them be hidden  by pounds of shadows and mascara.

YES: If you have red and dry eyes before putting on makeup use artificial tears.
YES: You didn’t use any eye shadows until now? Well, there’s nothing against trying them on your wedding, of course if you’re not allergic. Even the lightest, natural colored eye shadows will change your look.
YES: light colored eye pencil  will give your eyes a fresh look.
NO: Avoid strong makeup, the bride should look fresh and lovely, and too strong make up will make you look older.
NO: Do not use shiny eyeshades, for they don’t look nice on photos.
NO: The current trends, such as eyeliner line around eyes, or many strong colors are not best idea. In few years those trends will be gone, and you want your look to be timeless.
Eyebrows and eyelashes are another important factor of your look. Too much of this or the other and your face looks like a mask from a Greek tragedy!
YES: Use only a waterproof cosmetics for your eyes.  It often happens that romantic bride roused by emotions starts to cry and then… It wouldn’t be nice if looking on your photos you were wondering who is that panda bear in white dress standing beside your husband.
YES: shape your eyebrows three days before the wedding. Thick and bushy eyebrows will give your face unkind look.
NO: rigged up eyelashes will look unnatural.


During your wedding camera will be often focused on your lips, while saying “I do” or kissing the groom… But even best lipstick won’t hide dry and chapped lips.

YES: Take care about your lips some weeks before the planned event. Don’t forget to use protective and hydrating creams and lipsticks. Two times a week you can make natural peeling and mask. With your finger dipped in sugar massage your lips for five minutes. Then put on lips some honey. Leave for quarter of an hour and after simply… lick it off!
YES: Lip liner just in the shade of your lipstick or a shade darker to accentuate the contour.
YES: All in one lipstick ( lipstick and gloss) are absolutely the bull’s eye! Are resistant, and always looking great, no matter how many guests you’ll have to kiss.
NO: Too light or too dark lipsticks. They will look unnatural.
NO: Avoid using a lip liner much different in shade from the lipstick. It looks ugly!



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