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10_Best_Ways_to_Save_Money_on_Your_WeddingWhile organizing your wedding of course you have a picture of it in your mind… But dreams sometimes cannot get true for simple reason. Money. Of course you want everything to be perfect, just as you wish, though some things you can leave out of your planning, or simply go for other, cheaper solutions.

Here you’ll find some advices on saving the wedding of your dream while saving some money.



Wedding and reception

Well, the most important thing is the venue. If the one you chose is beyond your budget for you want your wedding to take place on Saturday or Sunday ask for "during the week" rental. You’ll be surprised by how different the price will be. Consider getting married out of season. Lent, September, November or even April are slow periods for hotel business, so you can negotiate the price due to decreased demand. Ask the manager to give you some extras. Make incoming guests to stay in same place in which you have wedding... you’ll be able to get discount.

The best money saving option will be to hold the ceremony and wedding in the same place, so you don’t spend too much on decorations for both places. But if you insist on having a church ceremony try to set the date near some religious festivity, the church will already be decorated! Check out if there’s another one wedding in the chapel that day. If so find out if the other couple eventually will share the  money for decorations. Eventually if you decide to decorate the church on your expense you may consider moving the flowers from church to the wedding venue.

Don’t forget one important rule regarding fresh flowers. Seasonal flowers are cheaper than exotic glass house plants, and not less beautiful!
You can as well save money on your wedding cake. Instead of ordering a big masterpiece of 50 pounds order a smaller one, to go along with simple sheet cake (which will be hidden in the kitchen) of the same taste but no decorations.

The bridal look


It’s not a shame to order your bridal veil online, especially that the bridal shops charge a hell for them. Eventually if you have a crafty, talented friend who’s not the sewing machine enemy, you can ask her to make your veil or headpiece. While looking for your wedding dress look on the fabric. Prices of ready dresses  are various depending on the price of materials used. Shop the sales. Some of wedding salons are organizing one or biannual sample sale, when a dress can cost even 70% less than normally. You always can rent your gown, of course in case you don’t want it to hang in your wardrobe forever! Ok, you ARE sentimental, so maybe a custom made dress? There are some truly talented dressmakers and seamstresses who will create couture dress at mass market price. Another positive aspect is that you are taking part in making the dress, and every single detail can be done according to your wishes or design. Before choosing a dressmaker or seamstress ask other clients about their opinions.

Of course another important part of your look are accessories. There’s really no need to by a necklace or earrings, while you can borrow them from someone in your family. It is sure that your aunt, mom or sister will be delighted to see you on your important day adorned by their jewels. Eventually if you know someone smart with metal works you can ask to have a jewelry set handmade just for you!

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