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Bridal_hairstyles_tipsYou really thoroughly prepared to your wedding. A perfect, beautiful bride. Your wonderful dress is already getting done, your skin is as lovely as rose petal. You lost some pound due to draconian diet. Well, you’re ready for the big day! But wait, what about your hair?

Probably you have already chose the hairstyle you wish to have. Unfortunately even best hairdresser won’t be able to do much if your hair are of poor quality. Take care about them too! With us you’ll find out how.

Proper washing

To wash your hair in right way will give them beautiful shine and volume. Most people usually lather and rinse their hair twice, but it isn’t really necessary unless your hair has a lot of dirt or cosmetics in it. Wet your hair before putting on the shampoo mixed with warm water. Try to not lather all the lengths, just put shampoo on the scalp and the length of hair wash with foam you’ll get. To massage your scalp during washing will attribute to blood and lymph circulation, giving strength to your tresses.


Thoroughly rising

It is very important to rinse the shampoo. For shiny and glossy hair you need to wash away all residues of cosmetics. If possible for last rinsing use cold water, which will close hair scales leaving them smooth and more resistant. If you cannot bear to use cold water you may prepare the rinse before: cool down some boiled water and add lemon juice. Use for last rinsing.

Conditioning and drying

After washing and rising use conditioner for your kind of hair. You can as well use some of home formulas for hair masks. Be cautious with hot air drying. Whenever possible leave your hair to dry on air. If you really need to blow dry them use cool air, which will not damage your hair too much.



There is one rule about which you have to remember. Never but ever brush wet hair, which are more prone to damages. Dry them first. If there are tangles in them don’t force the brush. Start from the bottom and get the tangles out gently.  Best brush to use in natural bristle, which will distribute the hair oils as well as stimulates the scalp. For curly hair use small, round barrel brush, whereas for straight hair the best are broad paddle brushes. For very strong locks use a wide tooth comb, preferably wooden, which won’t destroy hair and will separate perfectly your locks.


Styling and curling

As said before high temperatures can damage hair. Especially if you use straightening or curling iron. Use protective cosmetics, especially on hair ends. In fact it is considered to leave out all the curling and straightening for some weeks before the wedding. If you have badly damaged ends trim them.


It is not only your body that needs vitamins and proper nourishment. Equilibrated diet will be benefit not only for your health, skin and general condition but for your hair as well. Being built of proteins, hair need food rich in those. High protein food, such as chicken, lean meats, eggs and soy products will give your hair all what their need for strong and healthy grow. Another important nutritive are fatty acids, which you can find in nuts, especially walnuts and almonds. And of course vitamins, especially those of group B: B6 and B12. Those you will find in wholegrain food, fruits and vegetables, but you can use a vitamin supplement including vitamins and minerals.
A gentle and regular care and treatments, good and healthy diet: your hair will grow strong and beautiful. And no hairdresser will say “Sorry, I can’t do anything…” But to see results you have to take those advices seriously not a few days but even a few months before planned wedding. You can do it!




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