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the_perfect_gown_for_your_wedding_on_the_beach_thumbBeach, sea and sun. Blowing breeze and sound of waves. A perfect setting for your wedding. But is your dress perfect for such a faltering setting? Find out how to chose a perfect beach wedding gown.

Summer is a perfect time for wedding. In fact in this period many couples will exchange vows of eternal love and fidelity. It is also occasion to bring your celebration outdoors. One of most often chosen places for an outside wedding is a beach. But having a beach wedding means also to have the right dress.
One of most positive sides of beach wedding is that it lacks big expense. For in such a wonderful setting, having blue sky and sea with golden beach and green palms you won’t really need any decorations. So heaps of money saved. Another benefit is fact that beach wedding dresses cost much more less than classic wedding gowns. In fact you can easily find a wedding gown for your beach wedding for less than 300£, which considered prices of gowns isn’t really much.

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Ok, but how to find a perfect "wedding on a beach" dress? First of all think about style. It shouldn’t be a princess like, ball skirted be, jeweled gown. Get inspired by the nature and surrounding landscape. Go as simple as possible. Long dresses are as much welcomed as short ones. One of really often chosen by beach brides style is a Mermaid dress which will add some sensuality to your big day. Some brides will opt for wedding gowns made with thick and heavy fabrics, which considered the elements isn’t the best idea of all. The hot sun, high humidity and often wind may destroy the dress. Those are reasons for which it is really good to look for something more light. Lighter fabrics, such as georgette, jersey, illusion, crepe or batiste will allow your body to breath and move easily.

You don’t want to feel sweaty and suffocating all the day, do you? Well then, avoid polyester and sateen  mixes. Actually wedding dresses made of lighter materials are more appropriated for beach wedding. Delicate, soft and natural fabrics cut with simple flowing pattern, hit by wind will look really gorgeous on your wedding photos, whereas more carefree gown with stiff fabric may look a little bit out of the place. Most popular for beach wedding are strapless or backless dresses, which allow you upper body to breath and feel fresh. But not only the style is important. The length of your dress plays important role in your wedding look. The ankle, tea or even calf length dresses are perfect not only for the hot weather but will stop you from thinking of getting the hem soiled with sand.


Being less formal than any other wedding, the beach ceremony gives you possibility of wearing even colored wedding dress. In fact a lovely pastels or aquamarine shades are totally suitable for such an event. But you don’t really need to stop on these colors. Fuchsia, azure, blues, lively greens or emeralds – whichever color you associate with summer, sun and beach will be perfect for your attire. So you don’t necessarily have to stuck to whites. Important is that while choosing your dress you’ll follow your own opinion and style. Don’t make yourself another person whom nor guests nor groom might not recognize!




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