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fruit_decorations_thumbWhen we think about decoration the first thought are flowers, table and chair covers. Why not to use the beauty of fruits, which will add freshness and colour to your wedding table.

Table decorations can be quite an expensive bit of your wedding. Instead of getting ready, flower decorations you can make them yourself, using what nature has to offer you. Surely you will be surprised by the effects! On the net you can find out a lot of videotutorial about DIY fruit decoration.


To start with apples. This fruits you can get all the year and will be appropriated for any kind of wedding. There is a huge choice using the local kind or imported. Place them in long transparent vases or pots, or directly on the table. Vases filled with apples look really nice if crowned with floral elements. Choose contrasting colours: for green apples best will be white, pink or yellow flowers; red with white, orange and green. You can as well use apples for place cards, simply place an apple with card by each plate. Don’t forget to rub your apples to give them nice shine and tasty look. You can add a little bit of cinnamon tied with raffia. Than guest can take them away as a wedding favor.


Second much loved are citrus fruits, which will be truly gracious decoration. Lemons, grapefruits, oranges, limes and tangerines have lively colours and fresh aroma, which we can escalate putting in their peel clove nails. Fill glass pots with fruits, or make garlands by threading lighter fruits on a cord. Single fruits you can just place on the table, garlands can be hanged everywhere.  Those fruits look lovely with amaryllis flowers. Another interesting idea is to place cut in halves  lemons or limes into water filled transparent bowl. Add some floating candles and flowers. You can use citruses to make place cards holders – it is enough to cut the peel slightly and place the card. If you organize a Mediterranean themed wedding this kind of decorations is just perfect!


Of course those for most people are associated with Halloween, but can be used to create truly amazing wedding table decorations. For an autumn themed wedding or a farm wedding there is nothing more lovely. The best to be used are small, decorative pumpkins, which you can find in many colours and shapes: from white throughout orange to green. You can place them directly on the table over dried maple leaves adding some mountain ash branches with some fruits. You can as well make some lampions and candleholders. In first case you’ll have to empty your pumpkins and cut pattern in the peel through which the light will show (leaves, stars, hearts, the happy couple initials). Big pumpkins can make truly fantastic decoration of the reception hall, whereas emptied ones as vases for soup, flower pots or lampions. Filled with ice cubes are perfect containers where to chill drinks. Really, there are many ideas.
Similar decorations you can make out of every fruit you wish, but it is better first to think about seasonal fruits.



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