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NO_RESERVATIONThere’s not much time left for your wedding and by now you are going through the guest list and wonder where to sit whom... There are children at the wedding, singles, grandparents and ... oh, well so many people. Don’t panic, here are some advices which will help you figure out the table compans!

Newlywed’s table

The most important of course is the Happy Couple table, so it may seems logic to sit there the most beloved ones: parents, grandparents, siblings and so on. But the true is that the celebrating actually takes place on the dance floor. Starting with first dance and finishing with wedding cake cutting. And this is the place where newlywed will pass most of the wedding party. Probably it is better to think about sitting the most important guest between friends and family, and not by table which will always be empty. Wedding Celebration is a great opportunity for groom’s and bride’s families to get to know each other.

So there is great temptation to mingle both families by the tables. Parents with parents, cousins with cousins... But will all of these persons feel well in such a company? Probably you feel best among your own friends and people which you know, not someone whom you will see for the first and maybe last time in your life. The same rule for older members of the families: sometimes for them it is occasion to meet and speek after years.


Parent’s table

In every family happens to be someone with so called difficult character. And sometimes it is difficult to not invite these people, for they are close relatives. Often parents (especially those who’re financially helping with the wedding) decide to take on them the responsibility for those guests, which may be quite a challenge. But try to change their ideas. Let your parents, grandparents or siblings decide with whom they’ll stay fine, so meal and party will pass in nice atmosphere for them.


In case your an invitation is given to a single person it often include the escort, which allow your friends to organize company for the wedding. But unfortunately not everyone has possibility to find themselv a second half. So if you suspect that among guest will be many singles it may be a good idea to organize a table for them. Many people will feel relieved by not being forced anymore to look for someone who would play the rule of a wedding partner. It is important to bear in mind their age, so by the table they can find subjects in common.

Bridesmaids and groomsmen

Choosing bridesmaids and groomsmen the married to be rarely think about where to sit them. For it might seem obvious that they will sit together. Well, that would work in case all of girls and boys are singles. For surely a groomsman will prefer to sit by the table with his own fiancé. In this case it is better to sit couple together, and find some company for the singletons.

Children and teenagers

If among invited guests there are lots of children and teenagers it may be a good idea to set another table only for them. You can consider already children over 7 years old (tell about this also to the parents). It is known that children will stay better among themselves, not being forced to listen to long and boring discussions of adults. By the way you can think of special children menu, of finger food, sandwiches and so on.




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