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Gianluca AdovasioYour big day is approaching, and it means that pretty soon you’ll be under the spotlights all day long…  Cameraman, photographer and of course members of your family. It’s not something that happen often, unless you are a paparazzi beloved star, and frankly can make you feel quite uneasy.

If you’re not natural with camera, don’t worry. Here are some advices for your wedding photo session.

First of all: chose the right photographer. It is very important that you are at ease with the person to whom you trusted capturing mementos of you special day and feel confident enough to go with the flow. Remember that they are professional brides photographer, and so they know how to make you look best. It is a good idea to have an engagement session taken before, so you can see how the photographer works and how you interact.

Manuel Meszarovits

Second: be yourself! There’s no need for exaggerated posing for the photos. Just relax and smile as much as possible. It is said that happy people make happy photos, and happiness is the day’s theme. Why not to enjoy a glass of champagne before walking down the aisle (one though) which will help you relax. All you have to do is to smile, not only for the camera. Smile, cause it is your happiest day! However the best advice is to forget the camera and simply enjoying the day and your love!

Jessica Hauf

Third: Let your emotion show! The wedding is all about the feelings, so don’t be afraid to wear your hear on your sleeve. The most stunning wedding photos are often snapped during the intimate moments. So if burst out in tears during your dad speech, or crack up when your husband stumbles through the first dance show it! Many years after you’ll be happy that you did.

Gianluca Adovasio

Fourth: posing. Of course for your wedding photos you wish to look like a stars you’ve often seen in magazines. The secret of their photos is the right pose, which you can easily learn. First of all you need a full length mirror and a lot of freedom! So close the door and start your exercises.

Jessica Hauf

Stand in a front of the mirror and turn about 45 degrees on your side. One foot set forward and move the weight of your body on the other. Move your arms slightly away from the body – this trick will make them look slimmer. You can as well bend your arm a little placing your hand on your hip. Try the “radiant smile” trick. Look away from  the mirror and at some point look in the mirror smiling. In real situation it will be the smile just before the shooting the photo. If you want to hide some little imperfections of your physique you can use your wedding bouquet. Try in a front of the mirror, so the pose will look natural. Remember that your wedding gown as well can add you some kilograms. One color dress makes you body look leaner, so keep that in mind.
When mastered those tricks you can ask a friend to take some photos to check out effect and eventually correct mistakes. Good luck!
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