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For many people Rome may seems to be within their budget. Elegant restaurants, exclusive hotels and quite expensive transport. But it ONLY seems so, for it is possible to visit the Eternal City without ruining your annual budget. A quick escape with a fiancé for a romantic weekend? Why not! Find out our guidelines for non expensive stay in this beautiful city.

Cheap Flights

Rome has two airports: Leonardo Da Vinci (better known as Fiumicino) and Ciampino.
The Fiumicino airport is the biggest one in Italy. Actually it has four Terminals (T1, T2, T3 and T4) reserved for national and international flights as well as intercontinental. It is a stopover for all of most important international air lines, which is the reason why it is most costly than Ciampino. Among the low cost companies which stopover at Fiumicino there are: Wizz Air, Blu Express and Smart Wings so no worry, there are possibilities of finding cheap tickets. What’s most important: to reach the city centre from the airport is very easy and inexpensive if you only know how to do it!
Once out of the terminal you need to go to the station, where you have two “standard” possibilities: first is to take the “Leonardo Express" train which will bring you to the central railway station of Tremini without any stops in just 30 minutes. From here you can take metro in all directions you like. This option will cost you 15€ (14€ for train ticket, 1€ for underground ticket). The second option is to take train to Tiburtina Station where you change train (and ticket!) to arrive to Termini. This option will cost you 9 € (8 € for first ticket and 1€ for the second one).
But there is the third possibility which only insiders knew. As soon as you reached the Railway Station ask in kiosks for a ticket to Parco Leonardo, which costs 1,30€. When you reach the Parco Leonardo stop buy another one ticket for 1€ to reach the Tiburtina Station. Effective cost: 2,30€, but hush! It is a secret!


The second Roman airport is Ciampino. To chose it means to find cheaper and more profitable airlines to fly to Italy. It is the stopover place for low cost companies such as Ryanair, Easyjet, Wizz Air which are connected to Europe’s principal capitals: London, Paris, Madrid, Brussels, Sofia, Berlin and many others.
To arrive to the city centre from Ciampino the fastest and most economical solution is to take a bus to Anagnina,  where the A-line of Roman underground starts. Here you take a metro to Battistini, getting out on Termini stop. The cost is 1€  + 1,30€. The A-line (blue line) is the one that cross the city centre with most known and important stops: Piazza di Spagna, Fontana di Trevi, Piazza del Popolo, Barberini.


Rome is so well know as the Eternal City, and no wonder, for its wonderful monuments such as Collosseum, Pantheon, Milite Ignoto are immortal. There are so many places to see, but to do so you need a small fortune. Well, fiddlestick! There is a magic trick to save some money, all you need is to program well your visit. In fact you have to chose the right moment or day, for every Sunday and all last week ends in the month all Roman museums are opened freely! Great, isn’t it? There is no time to lose!

Restaurants and “must try” dishes

The Roman cuisine has always been the milestone of Italian culinary traditions. Among the most delicious dishes which a visitor has to taste while staying in Roman locals is surely Cacio e Pepe. If you’d ask someone who lives in Rome where to find best Cacio e Pepe paying really little the answer surely would be Trattoria Tanto Pe Magna ( in most characteristic zone of Garbatella. Another delicious dish originated from Roman cuisine is Carbonara, a pasta dish made with bacon and eggs. It is said that best interpretation of original receipt is the one you can taste at trattoria da Carlo Menta (, which is located in beautiful zone of Trastevere, where as well you can have amazing dessert. In "bar–book shop" Cioccolato e Vino (Chocolate and Vine, you can gorge yourself , not too much though! on amazingly tasting Mint Liquor, served in tiny chocolate cups decorated with whipped cream.
Of course it would be a shame to visit Rome without having a bun with Porchetta, the roasted pork. The Romans chose one special place where to enjoy this caloric but so tasty invention. In a tiny, opened since 1890 local called Er Buchetto ( near the Termini Station. Nothing changed here since the opening day, especially Porchetta, which still beats any other!
So? What are you waiting for? Rome waits for you!



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