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Rehearsal_dinner_thumbWedding dinner rehearsals are getting more popular. Why and how to organize it? Who shall organized and whom to invite? Everything you need to know about it!

Some find it useless, for others it is an essential part of wedding preparations. A rehearsal dinner. Not really necessary, although for those who decide on having wedding rehearsal it may be good idea. After all you and your guests will have to eat that day, no?
A rehearsal dinner usually is an informal meal after the wedding rehearsal ( the evening before the actual wedding) and often is great opportunity for wedding party to get to know each other, and above all a chance for bride and groom to speak with all those who helped them with wedding organization. As written before – you don’t really need to have one, but in loving large families every possibility is good to stay together, so why not?

Planning and paying

Usually the rehearsal dinner is the responsibility of mother of the groom. But it is a good idea to speak first with your future mother in law to see if she’s willing to organize it. If so, that’s great, for in this way she’ll have a role in the organization, even if the dinner is completely far away from your taste. All the same, your guests will know you didn’t plan it!
According to the tradition, the rehearsal dinner should be paid by groom’s parents, but often it is included in wedding budget. Another scenario is both families pay for their own guests.

How does it look like?

Well, basically it is a normal dinner with all eating and drinking maybe even with dancing. Bride and groom offer up thanks toasting their families as well as guests. Many informal toast are made, which often take turn into “bride and groom roasting”, which is all fun. It is as well great opportunity for both families members to break ice. Planning some social games like trivial pursuit or poker will not only entertain guests, but let them know each other. In case you decided on not having bridesmaids and groomsman luncheon this is a great  moment to give your bridesmaids and groomsman theirs gifts.

Whom and how to invite?

The times when rehearsal dinner was only for closest family and guest are gone. If among your guests there are people who came from another (far away) city or maybe even a country it is nice gesture to invite them, not leaving them on their own is a strange place. Eventually, if you dinner is not late you can add a note to the wedding invitation saying: the night before the wedding since this and that hour we will be in ( here the name of pub, bar or club) and we would love you to join us. Providing some bar snacks and appetizers will cost you less than dinner. Talking about invitations... Do you have to sent one informing about rehearsal dinner? Well, yes, but those doesn’t need to be elegant and what follows – expensive. You can as well print them yourself.  Remember to send them a few days after not before you sent your wedding invitations.

Money problem
You really wish to have a rehearsal dinner, but your budget does not suit? Don’t worry, for this event doesn’t need to be organized in pushy  restaurant. Some of best rehearsal dinner are those organized in house gardens or backyards.  A relaxed barbecue is a great idea, as well as pizza making party. Set up a net for volleyball playing, or play a football touch. Whatever, important thing is to make sure your guests have fun and get to know each other. Whatever you decide – do not forget to thanks all who helped you in organization of your dream!

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