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just_married_cars_thumbNo matter which car you’ll chose for your wedding, read our tips which will help you to pick up the perfect car.
To chose a wedding car now days is not such an easy thing. Offers of different car hiring agencies, or wedding suppliers can truly make confused, and so in the end you get what you don’t really want. With our car renting guide this challenge may be easier than you think.

Which style do you prefer: traditional, modern or avant-garde?
If what you like are beautiful, old automobiles, your wedding is a great excuse to have a ride in such a car. The choice is huge: old Bentley, Lincoln, Rolls Royce or Austin Princess. You only need to dedicate some time in searching or eventually asking your newlywed friends who surely will know the offers of agencies.
Your dream is to arrive t church in modern and luxurious car? Well, check out agencies hiring luxury Mercedes, Audi or Lexus. If instead you want truly original mean of transport you can always chose a motor or a scooter.



Which coloristic accent to chose?
Surely you’ve already chosen the leading color for your wedding. It will be part of your wedding apparel, bride’s bouquet, decorations and… well, you know. It is good idea to take care that the care you hire was not outside color scheme. Pay good attention not only to car color, but as well to the car’s upholstery.

Route and time

What route the car will travel?
The couple usually needs the car to arrive to the reception, photographic session, and so on. In the contract you’re going to make with the agency you have to write where you’ll go and in what order. If places are very distant one from another you have to consider addictive cost of fuel.
All day or some hours?
think well for how long you’ll need the car. The car renting agencies can specify the minimum time ( for example three hours).


What way the car will be decorated?
Make sure if it is possible to decorate the car with for example flowers, in what way you can bolt the decoration and when. May happen that agency provide the decoration which is included in renting price. If so, decide about style and colors, to be written in the contract.


Will the car be hired with the chauffeur?
Probably yes. Ask what the chauffeur will be wearing, for he should be dresses in elegant uniform or suit. If the car has the CD, you can ask him to play your favourite songs.


Is the AC and heating working well?
This is a problem which concerned mostly old cars. If your wedding will happen to take place during a particularly hot day, the lack of AC may be a serious issue, especially if there will be long distance to travel, with no shadowed places where to park. On the other hand, couples getting married in winter can pick up a stingy freeze day. Are the retro style cars ready for such eventuality?
If you chose cabriolet car, find out if the roof works, so you can open it in case of rain.


The size

Is the interior of the car spacey enough?
Take in consideration the fact, that your wedding creation make take quite lot of space. See how really looks the car you’ll be traveling it. Do not relay on photos only, which may give you wrong impression.  See if you can easily get in and out the car.

Contract and fallback

What the contract should contain?
Well, first of all, remember that contract has to be a written document. The key elements of contract are:  wedding date, the route, hiring time, resignation policy, the payment quote and way of it counting ( per hour, per mile), the retainer and it’s guaranty, if the car is hired with chauffeur, solution in case of car’s problems, date change.
What will happen if the car will arrive late or not at all? Have ready a fallback, so you are sure everything can be solved. Of course in the contract there should be a note about outage, but just in case have a list of other agencies.



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