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photo_booth_proposal_4Usually first image which comes into your mind is a romantic, candlelight dinner, red vine and red roses. It is a stereotype of a proposal which many girls expect. But where is creativity, fun and surprise element?

Well, if your beloved man knows you as well as he should, using a little bit of creativity, time and good will your proposal can turn out into a moment which will live in your memory forever.
An unique wedding proposal will not only accentuate the uniqueness of couple, but will also show how much the partners understand and know each other. First of all: you have to consider the fiancé’s likes and dislikes. Of course no crowded places for shy people, and nothing scary for those whose nerves can get better of them. Here are some ideas on most lovely, surprising and original wedding proposal ideas.

A public wedding proposal

This is just for person who stays well in crowded places, without having problems to show their emotions. Very popular especially in match form: in the match pause or before the match an announcement is done on behalf of the proposing person. In the same time on a billboard may appear the question. Another option is for smaller audience, for what you need is cinema. Before a romantic movie you take your fiancé to ask the technicians to play a short movie you prepared in which you ask your bellowed the  famed “will you marry me?”. Of course to do such things you really have to know well your partner, for no one wish their proposal to go wrong.


With modern technique

Having a date with your fiancé you make decide to have photos taken in a photo booth. While the machine is taking the snapshots, you propose. Well, the look on your faces: priceless! There is another one way, a little bit risky, especially if your fiancé takes things too seriously. However, using a new mail account you sent messages saying: “You have only three days left”, till, in last message you write: “you have only one day left… as a singleton. Will you marry me?”.  Speaking about e-mails, why not to ask help someone else? Simply you send to your friend an invitation to your wedding, which your friend is to forward to your fiancé. If she/he calls demanding explanations, you ask the magic question.


Romantic signs

This one requires some time and preparations. First of all visit a spot you and your love like particularly, maybe a place where your first date took place? In visible posts set some indications, which you’ll have to follow. Arriving to the right place let her find the ring and as to marry you. The signs can be great solution for busy bodies. If apart from working your beloved has no time for anything else, rent a billboard on the street which usually she goes to work. If you’re clever with computer graphic, you can easily prepare a wonderful poster with THE question, if not – sure enough someone of your friends will help you.



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