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wedding_desiresA wedding often is fulfilling of long time dream which you started to dream as a little girl. Maybe you took part in wedding in your family, and bride seemed to you a fairly tale princess.

Of course almost immediately you’ve decided that your wedding must be the most perfect, wonderful and romantic event ever. But as often happens, you awake from your dream facing the most common problem. Money. And as some things are quite unnecessary, or easy to make by yourself, there are others on which it is better to not cut the wedding budget.


Photography and video

What will remain from your wedding after several years? A sugar bowl, gathering dust in a corner? A wedding dress hanging in a dark closet? No, the photos and video of your wedding. Of course you don’t have to have video done, but it is good to invest in best photographer you can find.  First of all you have to feel well with your photographer, and do get along as good as possible you can have an engagement session shots. In this way you can see how the photographer works, discuss eventual things with him (or her). Another one to create an understanding  line between you and the artist is a boudoir shot, which lately became very popular not only among brides but marry to couples as well. Such a photo book can be a truly great and original wedding gift for you and your groom! Surely he will love it! Another original and very much liked option for photo session is so called Trash the Dress session. In wonderful places about which you’d never think you and your husband posing for wedding photos which will remain you this day forever.

Bridal look

Probably the most important part of the wedding. Of course you dream to be a princess for one day, and which other is better than your wedding day?  You must look perfect, that’s more than sure. And so, do not relay on your or your friend abilities (unless you or them are professionals) for wedding makeup  and hair do. Think, you’ll have to look perfect for even 12 hours, under constant flashes of cameras. If your hair got flattened, your face shiny and mascara smudged under your eyes you are going to hate your photos and yourself. So it is better to invest some money in a person who is experienced in bridal styling. This person will surely chose best make up, hair style and of course cosmetics for you. So, don’t ruin your wedding day and photos: hire a professional!
There is another one thing – your shoes. No matter what model you’ll chose, be sure that after standing and walking for some hours your feet will swell, and your only desire will be to take off your shoes! In this case it is truly sensible to have another, emergency pair, even flat ones. But if your dress is long and you won’t drag it along the floor you may as well as not buy another pair of the same model as the wedding shoes, only one size larger, to save your perfect bridal look and gown.


Location, reception and guests
there is one expense which often is missed while planning the wedding. It is the rain tent. If you decide to have an outdoor reception  you have to consider renting a tent. What you need is a plan, and the plan is to have the renting agency put the tent on hold for you for three days. Usually in such cases you need t opay deposit, but it is better to not take the chance! Speaking about your wedding party. As hostess you should take care about your guests and make sure they are fine and comfortable. It might be necessary to rent heaters, AC or even another one generator, especially if you’re doing a tent event.  What if the one you hired brakes? Can you imagine your wedding party without light, music and war food? So, instead of cursing everything and everyone have one just in case!

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