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xxl_brideYou’re going to get married, and you have one problem: you’re a little bit on the heavier side. Well, don’t worry, for even being more curvy (which doesn’t mean fat!) you can still be the radiant bride!

The secret is to chose the right wedding dress. Actually to buy a wedding dress in XXL size may be far more easier if you know which style suites you best. Knowing what you should show, and what to hide will be really helpful when choosing your bridal gown. The trick is to show your best parts, for example a beautiful neck line or legs, shapely bosom. Here are some advices, which we hope will come handy.


First of all find out your body shape, for it is not true that chubby women are shapeless! By the contrary, an XXL bride has always something to show! There are three types of womanly shapes:


With this kind of figure you have to drive the attention away from your hips, exposing in right way the upper part of your body, which means usually slimmer shoulders and arms. This possibility give you an A cut dress, which is fitted in upper, and lose in lower part, which perfectly conceal larger hips.


Round in waist, slimmer in hips and thighs shape is most difficult to clothe. Avoid horizontal lines in waist zone. Best option will be a dress cut under the breast line. As well it can be A cut dress, whit no stiffened skirt, and slightly widening in lower part.


A waist line is a trump of such a shape, so it is very sensible to accentuate it with lovely, ball dress.


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Use different fabrics to highlight the attractive parts of your body. It can be delicate, flowing materials. Avoid very stiff materials, which will add volume to your shape. Do not use laces in places which you want to hide. Big embroideries, and horizontal accessories are not good idea either. Best is plain fabric, with accessories sewn in vertical. Another important thing is the choice of the right colors. If you have very pale complexion do not buy white. There are so many other shades to chose from: cream, ecru, light beige, pale dusty pink. If you decide on more intensive color, such as red remember that both, upper and lower part of your gown should be in the same color, for two colored wedding dresses make the body look shorter and wider. Dress and diet Do not buy a wedding dress a few sizes too small in hope you’ll be able to lose some weight before the wedding. It is difficult to hold on self discipline with all the stress the wedding preparations brings about. Chose the right size, which if you will be successful in dieting can be downsized. It will be rather impossible to make larger a small dress… It is better to invest some money in reshaping underwear, which will help you slim the body, and hide things you don’t want to show. Remember that wedding dress you’ll be wearing all day long, so it have to be comfortable! Before buying one try to walk and sit in it, to see how you feel. And above all: believe that you are beautiful as any other bride! After all, it is you whom your fiancé is marring!


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