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Anniversary_40_30681835_copyThe god of communication, internet become an important part of wedding traditions. For not only bridal blogs are popular among brides. Nowadays more and more couples decide on creating their wedding website, to keep the guests updated with all the wedding preparations, giving them possibility to take part in planning and organizing this important event.
How to create it?

To create your wedsite it is enough to find a site which gives you this possibility ( uncle Google will have for  you several results!) and fill the form, where you have to write down some information. While creating such a site you have to give true data of course, which should include:
- basic info. You’ll want to give your names, the date and where the ceremony will take place. Make sure you answer to the three W: who, when and where.
- directions and maps, which are essential o a wedding site, especially for those who will have to travel. You can use a map you made yourself or simply link to map sites.
- hotel information. This will be important for people driving long distance to get to your wedding. You can reserve some rooms in a hotel, or simply give info and contacts of the nearby hotels you recommend. The easiest way though is to insert links of hotels sites.
The wedsites stay online usually for 18 months. Most of sites offer this service free with some basic info and possibilities. But there are always some other packages available within small payment, which will allow you to create truly unique wedsite, giving you “extras” such as video and so on.

Wedsites: Advantages

The planning and organization often cause lack of time for the couple. Tired of all things to do and places to go, they often don’t have time nor will of informing everyone about everything over long phone calls often with the other part of the world. Here you can update everyone who’s interested about progresses and different stages of your event, making all more colorful and interesting, for you can add some photos. Here are the things your guests will be able to find out thanks to wediste:
- your exact wedding date
- get to know better you and your groom (especially for opposite family!)
- read your “Lovestory” and find out about engagement
- all addictive information such as how to arrive to the venue, eventual overnight stay
- all information about the event, attractions and anything else planned
- leave in a guest book a message to happy couple
- have a look at the gift list

When to start?

Usually the wedsites are being started shortly after announcement of the wedding date.  In this way already at the beginning of preparations your guest can follow all the event. They give great interest in reading all updates, without shooting the couple with thousands on unnecessary questions. If you didn’t know about existence of such a possibility, you can start your site even a few days before wedding, simply to safe time on answering the telephone with demands of updates, info and so on just a few hours before planned event.
Wedding, and after that?...

The wedding site do not cease its on line life the day of your wedding. On the contrary. Many newlyweds update their wedsites even after the wedding. Why? Well, there may be many good reasons. First of all for those who couldn’t do it to the ceremony and afterwards party. In this way in their own homes those who missed the event will have possibility to see the wonderful photos, which will be in the wedding photo gallery, or see a short movie which can be added as well.
The wedsites are perfect for couples who are planning their wedding. Your own wedding site is as well a good idea for those who already said “I do” – to relive this important day, and share it with others.
Here you are some useful wedsite links:

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