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Sardegba_Rocky_Coast_italian_honeymoon-thumbA wedding often can be a great expense. So big that you and your groom won’t able to afford a honeymoon. Is there any way to have a wedding of your dreams and a wonderful honeymoon? Well, actually there is! Your honeymoon  can be a gift from all your guests!

In cases you get married on budget a honeymoon often is left behind. All other wedding expenses won’t let you to have one. Ana after all stress and fuss of wedding preparations some days in some faraway country will be more than desired for you and your freshly wed husband. Why than not to ask your guest to offer you the trip of your life, even a short one? Especially that if you lived already with your partner you surely won’t need five sets of lines, several food processors and other “indispensable” household utensils. In fact it is becoming more and more often practiced to ask for cash donations, cheques or travel vouchers and not traditional wedding gifts, such as china, or a super vacuum. Yep, this idea might seems to be strange if not embarrassing for many brides, who wouldn’t like to seem greedy or rude by asking for money. But don’t worry, for now day couples do it, and no one blames them for doing so, for of course guest will understand how big expenses a wedding can bring to young people just starting their life together.
There are several methods and ways to handle all the situation. What is important, you have to chose one that you feel suites you best (just like your wedding dress!).

First method

If you already know where would you like to visit, go ahead and book your honeymoon with a travel agent. Then give the references to your guests, in a way they will be able to visit the agency themselves and pay some money on your behalf. There are some drawbacks to this method however. If you don’t have enough guests, the rest of money will be left for you to cover. Payments usually have to be done several weeks before the wedding, whereas some guests may prefer to giva a gift during the reception. And something else: each guest making payment will be given a receipt with your personal details and those of honeymoon, which may not be the most desired thing. So, actually this metod is best for your closest family members.

Second option

Setting a “Wishing well” or “Honey pot” is a great alternative. At your wedding reception it will allow your guests to drop in cards, donations and vouchers. Than you can gather up all the gifts, and book your honeymoon based on total amount of donations.


Offending your guest

Often a couple resign their honeymoon, as not to offend their guest asking them for money gifts. There is a way to avoid it. To your invitation you may include a little poem, in which you explain that since you not require household goods, the vouchers, cash or cheques will be welcomed. Many guest actually may be more than happy for such an option, for long gift shopping trips may be almost as stressful as the wedding itself!



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