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wedding_machine_thumbA pair of plastic wedding rings, personalized receipt for newlyweds and caricatured version of wedding march. All this just for 1£, thanks to latest invention of British designers Concept Shed, a so called Auto Wed innovative machine for a budget wedding!

A horrible cross of park meter with early radio machine in nasty pinkish color, using a recorded message invite passersby to get married. A Barbie doll world? No, it is the latest invention of UK designers which for ridiculous price of £1 allow you to get married. What are you waiting for if you truly love your second half? Get your coin and insert it. A specially composed intro of wedding march will be played, while machine asks you to select the union type. Cannot say the machine is bigoted, oh no, for every possible kind of relationship can be chosen. What we miss is human alien - union, but…


After deciding of what kind of knot for life you’re going to tie, all you have to do is to insert the dates of bride and groom. And here is the best part of it, for you can even get married to Garfield the Cat himself if wanting to. Being extremely “open minded” the machine understands your eventual doubts and misgivings and gives you possibility of escaping the marriage by pressing simply the key number two. If you feel that the one with you is the right person, just press key number one, which says “I do”.

Doing so will lead you through all the ceremony, at the end of which two plastic eggs will be vended. These are machine’s version of ring pillow. Inside you will find two plastic rings, one for the bride and one for the groom. No need for wedding certificate, for Auto Wed seems to take care for everything: a thermal printer inside the machine will print you a wedding receipt, which unfortunately cannot be framed and hanged on the wall as thermal prints are supposed to be preserved in fridge. Do not throw it away though, for if you change your mind after the “wedding”, this print gives 10% discount for an Auto Divorce machine, which presumably is a cross between lawyer, judge and  god  as well.
Meant for fun (for five years old probably) this new devilry somehow takes away all the magic an beauty of wedding ceremony. The banality crept even into the  world of feelings and love, which should remain untouched by “life simplifying” invention.

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