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stressed_brideWedding means not only beautiful dress, wonderfully decorated church and venue. All those things require lots of time and planning which being frank can be really stressful. And just the wedding day can be a difficult day with you worrying if all will work out just fine. Add to this hot summer weather and there you go. Easily your nerves can get better of you, turning a dream to be event into a nightmare.

Of course all stressing starts with the wedding planning and organization. Of course it is so stressful when you and your fiancé are sitting with your parents, knowing already that you’re going to upset them by your vision of wedding, which they won’t approve. First of all, remember: this is YOUR wedding, and so you and your partner are to take the most important decisions. A little advice or second opinion from parents might be useful, but the final decision is always yours!

Technically the best way to avoid all those situations when you simply want to shout or cry is to organize your wedding properly. If you do it you can be sure that everything will be just ok, and you’ll find yourself more relaxed and enjoying more this special day. However, there are some things that even with all planning can get at you, so here are some most popular relaxing techniques which can be used to calm down a little “edgy” brides.



Go for a 20 minutes’ walk without thinking about the wedding. Turn your attention to places you pass by – think about design of the buildings, beauty of the trees. Enjoy the sun kissing your face and gentle wind caressing your body.  Doing some exercise is always a great way to put up with stress!


Got nervous? Well, just stop immediately what you’re doing and concentrate on taking deep breaths. It might be a good idea to go outdoor, focus only on your breathing, almost as if you were meditating. Clear your mind from all wedding thoughts and problems.
Any wedding hassle you might be experiencing won’t disappear simply because go breath evenly, but taking a few minutes to relax may help you to find solutions!



A music therapy is a mean often used by specialists. Why not to do it yourself? After all, what you need? Just put on earphones and let yourself be carried away. If you’re angry, shouting along with your favourite metal band will help you discharge bad energy, while nice relaxing tunes will calm down your owerworked brains.


Ask uncle Google for some funny stuff pages. Jokes, funny videos or stories are great way to take you out of moody blues. To have a good laugh is probably the best way to ease the tension. You’ll see, after that you’ll have another view on your troubles.

Both of you have enough? Well then, a little run away weekend may help! Why not to visit together some friends in countryside, with explicit information “no wedding questions”. Surely they will be happy to give you shelter, where you can once again see why you’re getting married.
Of there is not too much time left, and going for a weekend would be a waste there’s another one solution. Have a night out. Go dancing, till the morning of course. To pass some crazy time together means to forget at least for a while about tables, menus, dresses and flowers.

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