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wedding_dress_ideaChosen with great care, after many hours spent on searching, trying on and measuring. It's purpose is to make you look wonderful and to charm everyone on your big day. The wedding gown, without which no women probably would feel a proper bride. But did you ever thought how come the wedding dress is so important? The history is the answer.

First of all and probably to your surprise I must tell you that white wasn’t always the traditional color for wedding dresses. In fact in the 16th and 17th centuries pictures there are brides wearing different shades of yellow, green, brown, blue and even black. Colors were chosen in accordance with age, and would symbolize fertility or maturity. The white dresses bride was considered as showing her lack of money as well as poorer background. Looking back in time, we can clearly see that before the Victorian era bride was allowed more freedom and imagination as far as wedding gown choice, more or less like now days. Still white or ivory dress is most popular, but incorporating other colors is more common.


In ancient times though weddings were economic union rather than a huge event joining two people in love. Nonetheless even in those times brides decided on bright colors. The medieval bride had similar choice, seeing that marriages were often economical union between two families, and more often a political than feelings matter. So those of elevated social standing often looked like peacocks, with bright colors, expensive jewelry, and even gems sewn into garments. The most liked fabrics were velvet, silk and of curse furs, often badly colored. Under such circumstances the poorer brides couldn’t do less than to try to copy the high style, using cheaper materials, but still trying to look best.


Of course wedding dresses take lots of inspirations from royal weddings. The famous Queen Victoria wedding had more impact on dress making than anyone could imagine. Victoria shocked everyone by refusing to wear traditional silver wedding gown of royals, dressing instead in white sateen, simple cut dress, adorned with Honiton lace, with Honiton veil and wreath of orange blossom, which represented purity. This gave the white gown new meaning, much associated with unconditional love of Victoria to her beloved Prince Albert, all of which appealed to romantic side of women. And so young Queen’s dress was more and more often copied by other brides.


The style of gowns changed with time passing as well. Modern bride can choose among thousands different cuts and styles. The low waist dress of 1920, high waist Empire style, Princess line and many others. But of course the most impressive are the large, full skirted dresses. Those took the inspiration from 18th century French style, which featured on boned corsets, very thin in waist and vast skirts of radiant fabrics. And today to get the most impressive and dramatic look there is nothing better than full – blown dress with cathedral length veil.
No matter style or color, the wedding gowns undeniably become the most precious item on this magic day, which often settles wedding style. However looking back in history may bring great inspiration about choice of colors or design, giving your wedding individuality and personal touch.

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