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birdcages_wedding_decorFor vintage, countryside or simple romantic wedding. Birdcages as a part of wedding decor? Yes! With them and a little bit of fantasy you can create truly magic atmosphere. Find out how!

Of course we are not speaking about those oversized things you can get from a pet shop. Their smaller replicas, which can be bought in craft shops, vintage boutiques or on line stores. No matter what them embodies your wedding – whimsical, enchanted garden or exotic bird mad bride the birdcages can be used for décor which will make your wedding stand out. Painted in your wedding leading colors or more effective plain white, always lovely and sought for.  Here are few ideas on how to incorporate those wonderful pieces into your wedding!



Probably the loveliest way to involve them in the wedding. The hollow inside and wire structure make cages perfect base for very imaginative decorations. With bars wrapped in silk flowers or budding branches  you can create thing of true beauty, which surely will catch the eyes of your guests. You can use ivy and single blossom with few buds, butterflies and anything else your creativity and good taste permit. Do not leave the interior empty! Fill it with feathers, petals, or faked tiny bird nests. A candle inside will look lovely, especially if you hot glue a strand of crystal beads inside or on the wires outside.

Garden party

If your wedding reception and afterwards party happens to take place in a garden where trees grow, incorporating birdcages is just the right thing to do, for creating incredibly romantic and magic atmosphere. With very few flower decorations, long, flowing ribbons and maybe a tiny faked bird attached to it outside wire with candles inside, birdcages hung on trees, gently swayed by the breeze are all you need. This kind of décor is perfect of vintage, old fashioned garden style wedding.

Placement Cards

Medium  size versions of birdcages can be used for placement cards. With spray paint color the cages, giving them the right (your wedding) color. Add a finishing touch to the birdcages by tying each one with a ribbon, maybe a shade darker than your wedding color. Done this, align cages on a decorated table by the entrance. Inside cages place the individual placement cards. Your guest can retrieve them so they will know where to sit at the wedding reception.

Aisle décor

For those who are having an outdoor ceremony birdcages may be handy to create wonderful  decorations of the aisle. A few bigger cages with delicate flower décor just by the bottom, and some candles inside can be a just a perfect thing for enchanted garden theme. Just place them on the ground, lit candles and… voila! Absolutely magic atmosphere.

Card holder

If you have opportunity to purchase a large birdcage you have all you need for amazing card holder. Paint the cage so it matches your wedding color, or leave it simply white. With some flowers, ribbons and whatever else you desire give a to the cage a look which you like. Place it in a single table, or on a reception table, making sure your guests will know where to find it. Isn’t is a lovely alternative to traditional pot luck.

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