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Your_sweet_honeymoon_receiptYou’re dreaming about unforgettable honeymoon, which both of you will remember for long time? Well, nothing easier! Find out how to organize your trip, so it will bring only positive memories!

After wedding and all preparations for it, you and your husband deserve some time only for you, and the honeymoon is best occasion! Probably you’ll say: “oh, yes, planning again”. But don’t worry, for planning your honeymoon doesn’t necessarily have to be a nightmare and never-ending list of things to do!



Sometimes the last minute offers are very tempting, but it is good to think about destination some time before. If he loves mountains and bike riding and you love sun basking on golden beach try to find an intermediate solution, which will be fine for both of you. It is good to take in consideration places you didn’t think about before. Who knows, maybe a lazy and romantic travel to Tuscany or Provence instead of Alps climbing or Greek beach tanning?


Is it worth to start your new life with credit cards overloaded by holiday craziness? If you have problems with rational money spending while travelling, it may be a good idea to book an “all included” offer, where the most important expenses like meals are already paid for. If you are going to place where the main attraction are excursions do not forget to include also those in your budget.



The wedding preparations surely cost you lots of nerves. Your honeymoon is meant to be a relaxation after pre – wedding stress. Slow down! Give yourself totally to a blissful laziness, and insted of visiting all possible touristic attractions visit place where you don’t need to run with a map, and wait in queue for museums tickets!


If you feel very tired, it may be a good idea to get a rest for some days before going on your honeymoon. People who go to their holidays in weak conditions are easily catching infections, stomach bugs. In this case a honeymoon might turn into a medic and drug store research.



You are different in so many aspects. He likes morning walks, whereas you are the night living person. He prefers bike riding, you would chose unlimited shopping. If you want to come back from your honeymoon in good moods you have to learn to respect your habits and choices. Instead of waking her up at 5 a.m. go alone for a walk. Instead of dragging him into all possible shops you happen to see, give him an hour or two. In this way you have your shopping and he has time for a drink.

Everyone loves surprises.  Breakfasts in the bed, little gifts, and mysterious trips. Do everything possible to make your partner feel really special. Do not let your time to flow by watching TV. Dedicate your time for walks, talks and rest. Only than your honeymoon will be a truly special time for both of you, bringin only bright memories of the beginning of your life together.
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