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Olive_oil_ancient_beauty_remedyIn Mediterranean the benefits of olive oil were known since ancient times. Discover with us some of its secrets which will help you look beautiful naturally!

For thousands of years inhabitants of wonderful and sunny Mediterranean recognized the skin care benefits of olive oil. And no wonder, for Med is the homeland of olive oil. From ancient times olive groves grown here, and in Roman baths olive oil was much renown. Actually firstly it was use for body care, and not for the internal use! In fact olive oil is full of nutritive and natural elements, which are extremely good for your skin. Above all: antioxidants, including vitamins A and E, polyphenols, phytosterols and avenasterol. Those work to neutralize free radicals and to repair cell membranes, which may be truly useful for those of you who expose their skin to things like cigarette smoke, pollution, alcohol and radiation. Another important compound of olive oil is Squalene, a natural organic compound used in cosmetics as moisturizer, which as well regulates production of sebum. Normally it is taken from shark liver, but in more environmentally friendly form it can be found also in olive oil. And last but not least: Chlorophyll, a photosynthetic pigment which have anti–ageing properties, but also helps to heal skin conditions and wounds.


So today, modern Spas offer to their client facial and all body treatments based on olive oil. But there is no need for you to spent a fortune there, for olive oil beauty treatments you can easily prepare yourself in your home, spending not more than cost of a bottle of good quality virgin olive oil! Here are some remedies with use of this precious oil:

To reduce and smooth wrinkles

Over 25? And you just discovered those little wrinkles in corners of your  eyes? Well than, don’t panic, and instead of looking for a fortune worth facial cream, trust the nature. Olive oil, as said before has anti–ageing properties, which can be helpful! You can apply olive oil on the areas around your eyes and mouth, or even all over your face. Use during day, or in the evening as a night moisturizer.A bath with half a cup of olive and half a cup of lavender oil will render your skin smoother and velvet like. After some weeks of such a treatment you’ll see your skin getting back to its “teens”  conditions.

Make up remover
This is a daily torture: to remove your make up. Usually you use several cosmetics, one for yes, another one for waterproof mascara, another yet for your face and maybe one still for your lips. Well, now you can throw all of them into the trash bin, for olive oil will gently remove every trace of makeup, without damaging your skin, more even, nourishing and moisturizing it. Is there anything better than natural cosmetics?
Hair conditioner
Of course, as every girl you want to be beauty all over. And your hair are one of your problem unfortunately, for they are over dried, with split ends and... Ok, I know the problem. Also here olive oil come handy. Especially before your wedding day, when you want to look mesmerizing!  Here is a simple recipe for you: first shampoo and rinse your hair. Then apply halo of a cup of olive oil mixed with few drops of lemon juice. Leave for about 10 minutes. After that wash your hair again and rinse. Shiny, strong and soft hair without much costs and time!


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