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wedding_tossing_in_Italy_thumbThe tradition of tossing wedding bouquet is at least 6 hundred years old. But modern couples often step away from that tradition. Discover why not to toss your wonderful wedding bouquet and what to do instead and still having fun?

All the story starts in 14th century France. It was considered a good luck to get a piece from bride’s clothing, but well, imagine poor bride practically stripped down and her wonderful gown in shreds. Doesn’t sound particularly nice, does it? So looking for alternatives the idea of tossing the bouquet came into view. For flowers were not as much expensive as often richly embroidered, be jeweled wedding garments. And so the tradition started…


However, among many couples now days, the bouquet toss tradition, even though being very old one is no longer as popular as it was. There are many issues and factors deciding about that phenomena. First of all is security. Often unpleasant accidents occur during bouquet tossing. Arms broken, ankles dislocated, eyes bruised or even children who run nearby injured. Another thing is the comfort of the couple and their guest. Well, bride often feels embarrassed  for having to call out all her non married girlfriends. And so are they, because are single women who are supposed to catch the flowers. No problem if they are young or even teenagers. That may be some fun. But if one of them feels that in her age she should be married and she isn’t, don’t think will she feel particularly happy about exposing to all guest her singleton status. A nice solution in this case is to call up all the ladies present, no matter already married or not.

So, what to do instead?

A cute idea, without giving away the bouquet is a charm cake. Simply, into frosting of wedding cake some tiny charms are being hidden. For example a $ sign will symbolize money of course; a wedding ring – future marriage; heart shaped charm – new love; a baby one, well there’s no doubts what that one means! That will be lots of fun with participation of all guest. I mean, imagine your grandmother happily married to your granddad for 60 years finding a wedding ring! Or as far as sweets go, you can have little cupcakes with a ring hidden into one of them served to your guests. Whoever finds the ring is next to go down the aisle!
Another possibility is to share the bouquet between both mothers of groom and bride. It will be beautiful gesture toward people who are important in your lives. You can as well find out which of the couples attending is married for longest. To hand them a bouquet will be a really touching act! To honor your bridesmaids you can call them up and dived the bouquet among them – without shoving, fighting and so on. A wonderful way to thank them for their anticipation.
Whatever you decide to do, remember that bridal bouquet has really special meaning, so try to give it up to someone who was or is really important to you!

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