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wedding_theme_guidelines_italyOn our website every month you can find inspirations for your wedding theme, and frankly there are so many of these that it might be difficult to decide on precise one.

If you just got engaged it is time for you to start preparations for your big day, which also means to chose the wedding theme. Many weddings often incorporate books, movies, poetry or music; other are mix among different cultures, like Jewish ceremony with rock ’n roll party afterwards. To decide what kind of party are you going to have is not only your decision however... After all it takes two for a wedding and so the afterwards party style should be decided by the couple. So, sit down with your bellowed, have a glass of wine and in peace and ease try to answer to the questions below.

Food & Restaurant


What are your favourite restaurants? Both of you should describe what are deciding factors: the atmosphere, kind of served food, quality and the way the restaurant is decorated.
What are your best foods? Classic, French, Italian, pure British. Maybe something more exotic like Japanese, Chinese or Indian? Who knows, maybe you decide on a fusion between two favourite cuisines in case you cannot reach the agreement? Here you’ll also have to decide about your most delicious and favourite desserts, cocktails and drinks.


What are your favourite books, movies, stories or authors? Write why are they so special to you, and what enchanted you most in the stories behind the movies or books? And flowers? Make a list of your favourites, describing colours, textures. Decide what hobby would you like to introduce in the wedding?  Are you great wine lover or maybe a tee fan? Maybe there is a family collection which might inspire you? An old, granny’s tee set, or your mum’s wedding veil?  What about old fashioned photo albums?

The perfect time


Which is your favourite time of the year? Do you prefer a snow white class or colourful spring craziness? Are you outside garden and nature or indoor sofa and fireplace kind of person? Which of these things you can incorporate into your celebration? What is your idea about wedding itself, do you imagine it as a fairly tale ball or just a simple and formal reception?

Deciding the theme
Have you answered to all questions? Great, for now it will be much easier to find out a perfect style and theme for your “I do” day.  The theme can reflect anything you and your fiancé have in common: a colour, flower, movie, book or even cuisine. Important thing is that the leading subject inspires equally both of you. Of course it is difficult that groom will be as much overtaken by pink flowers as bride, but please! A little bit of compassion! It is already important that your second half acts in planning! Whatever theme you decide to apply it should be the guideline for the event, something what guest will easily find in every aspect of your wedding: the invitations, menu, cake, music, wedding favors and anything else you can think about!
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