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Which is the perfect period to get married? Well, I’m sure your answer will be spring and summer. Are you sure? Why not to organize your wedding in September, when the air is still filled with golden rays of late summer sun,  the mild wind caresses you and memories of holidays are still vivid in your heart?

The harvest queen bride

Clearly enough you and your look will be the crowning of the entire event. So, to compose all into harmonious entirety you have to take care about tiny details regarding you look. Simple, ivory lace dress may be a perfect gown to bid farewell to the summer. The richness of nature should be perfectly matched by simplicity of your look. You can use some late summer colors in your accessories. Apple red handbag or sash, golden hair band… it will all look amazingly especially if incorporated with characteristic flowers – poppies, cornflowers and asters.



First of all this kind of wedding party should be a homage to summer. Kind of harvest festival. No, it doesn’t mean a straw covered floor in some old barn. To incorporate such a theme to your wedding is to give it a touch of nostalgia, a dream like atmosphere. Think about colors: blues of cornflowers, gold and silvery of various grains, reds of ripe apples and poppies, just think how many inspirations these can give you! A nice idea introducing these into your wedding are centerpieces in shape of small sheaf of wheat decorated with poppies and cornflowers, or a platter full of apples with few whisk of grains as final touch. If you prefer more classical décor you can add these to traditional flowery centerpieces which surely will give an eye catching effect. Of course don’t forget candles – never too much of these! – to create warm, sunrays lit like atmosphere.

The meal


Oh mine, here you have more than thousand and one options. Late summer always was celebrated as harvest time, rich in goodies the Mother Nature offers us. However set your mind on traditional meal, maybe one you remember from your childhood? With colorful fruits and veggies you  will surely be able to create an unforgettable wedding meal. Just take advantage of the seasonal flavors. Delicious creamy soups as first, some meats in spicy apple sauce… Just think of it! Of course don’t forget pies – with delicious, smelly fruits: cherry, berries and of course the queen of all pies hot apple pie.

The wedding venue


Being a homage to summer, this kind of wedding party will request a particular venue. If you have possibility to have it in a countryhouse it would be just perfect. Another option is a location somewhere near the sea. And here in Bella Italia there are lots of venues which might perfectly suite such a wedding reception. Tuscany, sea side resorts… Just see for yourself:

Hilton Sorrento Palace – Sorrento

Hilton Sorrento Palace

With mesmerizing views of mount Vesuvius and Naples bay, just in the centre of Sorrentine Peninsula, this hotel is a place where wedding seems to be a dream.

The contemporary design with Mediterranean warmth and hospitality combined here create an atmosphere which is all you need for a wedding. Hilton Sorrento palace, where you’ll forget and leave yourself to Italian dream  in one of most beautiful and famous  European coastlines.

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Villa il Garofalo – Tuscany

Villa Il Garofalo

An old fashioned garden overlooking wonderful Florence. A villa in its midst. Is there anything else you need for your late summer wedding?

Romantic atmosphere of this wonderful place is guarded by two deities: Dante and his beloved Beatrice, who were the first inhabitants of Villa il Garofalo.  Completely furnished with epoch furniture and precious tapestries it is a place where romance and history are still alive.

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Villa Grazioli – Rome

Villa Grazioli

Just outside the Rome and its busy and chaotic life there is an oasis of peace and tranquility. Gardens, panoramic view, the dreamed place for your “yes” day!

A 16th century Villa Grazioli gives to visitors and guest all what can be desired: vicinity to the Rome, beautiful gardens, wonderful decorations and of course great care for clients. Enjoy your special day in truly royal atmosphere of this wonderful place!

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Riva Marina Resort - Apulia

Riva Marina Resort


Adriatic sea, long white sandy beaches. Modern style and good old hospitality so characteristic for Italy. Celebrate your wedding in best way!

Located on Salento Coast, Riva Marina Resort is a true jewel in the crown o Italian Coastlines. Traditional hospitality and modern approach of the stuff guarantee the most perfect wedding you can desire.  Perfect harmony between shapes colors and tastes results as unique and special event!

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