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sparkiling_ring_thumbJust got engaged? You must be the happiest person in the world! The engagement party might be a great idea to celebrate and share this wonderful and important moment with all those dear to you.

What we always write about is wedding celebration. But what about engagement? A wedding proposal as well is a great occasion for organizing an engagement party, which may be a wonderful way to announce to everyone your  important news!
Of course the first to be informed about your engagement should be the couple parents and the closest family. But if you’re already wearing the wonderful, sparkling solitaire and someone asks you about it there is no need to hide the true. Just say what happened! Of course you can resign from wearing your ring until the news is official, but who would part with such a lovely piece of jewel? However, as soon as you get engaged share the news with your parents. If you are having children from previous relationships, they should be told first, possibly talk to them separately, so you can deal with individual reactions.
Than, according to tradition a small dinner should be organized by groom’s parents, when couple’s parents will  have possibility to meet and talk, but lately the set up is almost always organized by bride and groom. This meeting can be a great opportunity to hold an engagement party.

Party planning

When to organize it? Well, not to close to wedding date nor to long after the actual engagement. The perfect date is one or two months after the proposal. But if you’re planning on a long time engagement, you can wait easily few months more to celebrate this wonderful moment.

Invitation etc…

Contrary to the wedding invitation the one for engagement party doesn’t need to be formal one, but if you feel like, you can of course create your own invitations which will add a festive touch to the event. However no one will be upset if you just sent a simple email, or make a phone call to invite your friends. Remember, that invitation calls have to be done 3 – 4 weeks before planned party.

This is a kind of party for which you won’t  need a 5 stars hotel or some wonderful villa by the sea. Actually ideas to where to organize an engagement party are countless, and depends only on you. For example you can have a barbecue party with some funny games played, you can have a sitting meal in your house or a simple outing to a pub. This is also occasion to give your guests an idea about what to expect from your wedding. As for meal – the menu should be based on common sense of informal party. Remember that is it not your wedding day so 5 course meal isn’t really necessary. The same is for decorations – ribbons, flower arrangements… well, leave it all for your wedding day. Go as simple as possible!
Special guests
Traditionally during the party the father of the bride makes a little speech, giving his blessing to the wedding and offering toasts ( which can be made by everyone who only wish to say a few nice words to the happy couple). Also bride and groom can prepare a small speech in which they will thanks guests for celebrating this important moment with them, paying homage to most important guests: family and closest friends.
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