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Perfect_scent_for_wedding_day“The perfume is the most intense form of the memory” find a special perfume which will always bring back to you the beauty and emotions of the big day!

If, as Jean - Paul Guerlain once said “The perfume is the most intense form of the memory” a perfume you wear at your wedding will help you remember this special day. In fact it is a little detail, which probably just a few will notice, but still it would be so nice to be surrounded by a cloud of the magic scent which each time when smelled will bring back emotions you were feeling in the most important day of your life.

Of course choosing the perfect perfume for your wedding day will take some time, for it should reflect the personality of the couple, not just yours. To find a special scent, different from what you wear every day, surely will be a great way to remember this special event.  Imagine wearing this scent again, on special occasions of course, such as romantic dinner, anniversaries – all memories will be back in an instant.

However, dear brides, to make the choice easier for you, here are 7 steps which we hope will help you in your research for wedding perfume.


1. When you feel it is the right day for perfumery shopping first of all go alone, do not take with you anyone, not even to get opinion of the other person. As you know buying a perfume is a very personal choice, which should be made by yourself only.

2. Remember to not wear any other perfumes or perfumed creams or body lotions the day you’re buying the fragrance. It may cause different aromas to mix, compromising the final decision.

3. Never, but ever judge the perfume by its brand name or the bottle. Just try it on! Who knows, it might be after all the scent you are looking for.

4. Do not smell the perfume on the tasting paper strips. The only way to smell the true scent is to try it on your skin, for different chemical substances in sweat may change the smell of perfume from person toperson. So sprinkle a little on you and wait until the alcohol evaporates, only than the perfume’s real fragrance will be liberated.

5. If you’ve already done what is written above, don’t buy the perfume yet, even if you’re almost sure that’s the bull’s eye. Have a walk with perfume on you and analyze its smell after about one hour. Why so, you will ask. The answer is a bit of chemistry, for perfume is created of three notes: the top note, called head note, which is what you can smell immediately after sprinkling the perfume on you, but for very brief moment; middle notes  called heart notes are what you smell after first molecules of fragrance had evaporated; and in the end the base notes, which with middle notes are the true theme of the perfume, and which is to be smelled at about 30 minutes after application. So, a perfume which firstly seemed to be a dream can simply turn out into olfactory nightmare causing headaches.

6. If you decided on the fragrance find out if it comes as well as body lotion. If you apply the body lotion after having a shower and later on the perfume the scent will remain for longer. The same values for aftershave.

7. The last but not least: never but ever try too many fragrances at once. Your olfactory sense will get “confused” if you smell at once more than three fragrances. Have with you a tiny can of freshly grounded coffee – that will refresh your smell, being one and simple fragrance.

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