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Com_on_baby_light_my_wedding_thumbThe right lighting is a very important factor for your wedding. Apart from flowers and decorations the atmosphere depends a lot from the lighting. Light your wedding with us!

Nothing probably (apart from you) will be so important for your wedding as the right light. Even the best cared for and organized wedding can be ruined by the wrong lighting. If you’re having a day reception the light is not such a issue after all, but during the night? To turn your evening wedding reception from normal dinner party to a truly stunning fairytale you’ll need probably something more than simple candles or lanterns. According to your wedding style find out perfect lighting for your wedding.



If the venue you hired is decorated in quite minimalistic fashion, with neutral colors, colored mood light will be just the idea for you. What is all this thing about? Well, the main idea is to light your entire reception venue with one color, which according to wedding stage will change. You can use one color for cocktails, another for the meal and another yet for dancing. Of course the choice is yours, use colors which most appeal to you. As for the tables – light them from within! It’s not difficult. Simply place white light under each table and cover with colored cloth. If it seems too much for you, you can just lit tables where drinks will be served.  Nice idea would be also colored spotlights, which will lit the parts of the venue or reception room which you want to make noticeable. For example the wedding cake stand, the goodies bar, favor table.



Is there anything more vintage that glass chandeliers suspended over tables? You’ll have to check out with your venue if temporary installation of these will be allowed. If not, limit yourself to one big chandelier just in the centre of the room. Having a precise decade you will be able to pick up lamps which may create perfect centerpieces – lava lamps are perfect for 1960 feel, whereas for 1970 look best will be those with lampshades in orange, brown and yellow in geometrical pattern.

If you’re having an outdoor reception you can use the natural elements to incorporate the lighting into. A chandelier made of willow branches with green leaves, lit by big bulb lamps will give the party a truly vintage feeling.


Wedding in Italy with color

There is anything else which will add romance to the atmosphere as much as candles, which are probably most common, and less expensive way to lit the reception venue. But it is also one of most charming way to underscore the romantic  character of the event.
Candles can be used to lit the room: some wonderful candelabras with large round candles will look truly gorgeous. You can as well use them to create lovely centerpieces, placing on tables groups of candles or lanterns with candles inside. Another beautiful option are floating candles decorations. Large glass bowls filled with water will look really decorative if on the bottom you place some colored faux stones or crystals. Add some little flowers which will float or big petals. Light your candles and voila! Romance at its best!

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