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cocktail_wedding_partyCocktail hour usually inaugurates the wedding party. It is important than to give your guest something they will remember. Find out how to do it!

All brides planning their weddings give all the attention to the reception itself. But as it is the reception is not a single event, but rather combination of small events like sitting meal, dancing and cocktail hour, which usually opens the reception.
Even before entering the reception area, the first thing your guest will see is the cocktail area, which gives them a hint of what they can expect from the reception and entire wedding. There are no rules about colors regarding the cocktail party, it doesn’t necessarily have to match your wedding color. You can easily invert colors, or accentuate just some colors you’ve chosen for your palette.  For example if it includes white, pink and orange your cocktail area can be decorated in yellow with pink and orange accents. This way you’ll distinct two different areas without any further addictions and arrangements. Of course a very important to incorporate the wedding theme in the cocktail area and decorations. You can also serve appetizers which are suitable for your wedding theme, for example if you’re having Italian wedding you can serve olives, mozzarella and cherry tomatoes or tiny pizzas, if your wedding theme is fairy tale you can serve colorful drinks with tiny canapés in different shapes and colors.

However no matter what wedding theme you’re having, it is nice idea to create theme bar corners. A lovely example would be a sea food corner or oysters corner, a tropical bar or beers corner. An option which is very popular lately is a sushi bar serving flavored sake. Don’t forget the teetotalers and children: have a space dedicated for them with milkshakes, smoothies and other non alcoholic beverages.  Actually even with plain fruit juices some remarkably looking cocktails can be create.
The most important thing of the cocktail hour however is hiring the right barman, who know some tricks and is able to create delicious cocktails with some little show. Such a thing surely will turn this hour into entertainment for your guests! As well you can hire a sommelier, who will offer a selection of vines explaining a little about each serving will bring a true touch of elegance.


There is another one thing about cocktails which recently is becoming more and more popular among couples. It is to have a bar wedding party, an event which excludes the sitting meal. Still you’ll have to serve cocktails and appetizers, which can be followed by miniature deserts and wedding cake. If you decide for this kind of reception an important thing is to inform your guest about it, so they won’t be surprised by finding themselves in a situation they didn’t expect, turning something special into something strange. There are ways to inform about this, but the most simple is to place the information into participation text. It is a great idea to celebrate such a wedding party in the afternoon in a garden, taking advantage of the late sun light, serving various cocktails, tapas and desserts. Have a little band playing in background, a jazz trio or simple piano will be perfect. A simple way to have unusual wedding reception!

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