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Most_Expensive_Weddings_In_HistoryYachts, silver cutleries, silken napkins and luxury hotels. It is true: wedding cost lots of money. Discover with us the world’s three most expensive weddings ever!

A wedding day, a perfect day.. for girls probably the day they were waiting for all their lives. And no wonder that they want it to be perfect, often without looking at costs the event brings. And I’m not speaking about venue or the reception which generally costs more than anything else. It was the entire event, with its elaborated style, expensive decorations and extravagant entertainment. Add cost of venue, the reception meal, the wedding dress and other wedding’s mess kit… and there you are: the three most expensive weddings in the world!

Priya Sachdev and Vikram Chatwal


Their not only multimillionaire, but also multi city wedding took place over 10 days in February 2006 and was hosted in three Indian cities: Mumbai, Udaipur and Delhi. The 6 hundred attending guests came from 26 countries, as expected some very notorious surnames were among them: Naomi Campbell, Prince Nikolaos of Greece, the former American president Bill Clinton and many others which were transported from party to party with private jets. To make parties more interesting and beautiful there were 50 thousands kilos of flowers shipped from Holland, Bangkok and Calcutta, and 3 thousands of candles were burned. To completed the picture there was a silver painted elephant at one of the parties… total cost of the wedding: $20 milions!!!

Aleksandra Nikolic and Andrei Melnichenko


The Russian millionaire and his Serbian fiancé got married in September 2005, celebrating their wedding with huge party on the French Riviera. The most important part of the wedding party was entertainment:  Julio and Enrique Iglesias, Whitney Houston and Christina Aguilera, all of them preformed at the lavish party. Thant’s not all, for the stars were transported to the wedding venue with private jets, earning million of dollars each. This showy ceremony took interest of all the world and had coverage in several global media. This modest ceremony cost only $30 milion. Very cheap, isn't it?!?!

Vanisha Mittal And Amita Bhatia


The undisputable winners of the contest! Actually their wedding has even been noted in the “Guinness records”. This extravagant celebrations took place in France in Versailles.  With super extra exclusive, 20 pages long invitations given to guests in silver boxes, superstar guests among which Kylie Minogue and some Bollywood movie stars like Aishwrya Rai or Akshay Kumar were flown to France in 13 Boeing jets. The total number of invited guests was nearly 1000 There were over 40 cooks hired to take care of preparing traditional, Indian meal, which modestly provided 100 different servings. The lavish event was organize by bride’s parents, who promised to surprise her. And so they did, with all gold and diamonds, luxury services and best designer made clothing... all this cost those generous people only $78milions.
But after reading the stories of their weddings you may think: “why I cannot have anything like that?” Well, dear bride, it isn’t true. For if you have your beloved fiancé by your side, loving family and faithful friend and some imagination also your wedding will be the most wonderful, delightful and great event of your life!



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