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wedding_entranceSome says the first dance introduces the newlywed couple to the world. If so, it is worth the effort to make this moment as special and unique as only possible.

It is always a big moment... The eyes of all your guests are focused on you and your groom. And then the music starts to play. You, feeling so secure in his arms, look deeply in his eyes. Yes, you’ll remember this moment forever! Especially if you use some of our advices for truly mesmerizing and unforgettable first dance which even your guests will remember with teary eyes.

First dance will require quite some skills from the couple, for this reason if you fell not sure about these few minutes under your guests eyes, the solution is to take a few dance lessons. To hire a choreographer gives you possibility to show something more than just simple, slow dance of wife and husband. And to have some fun activity before the wedding. Imagine surprising all those who always though you can’t dance!


Here you can use some help of your friend for truly astonishing and surprising wedding dance. The idea is to start the dance by some slow and romantic music, which halfway will be switched to something more lively and... that’s the moment when your friends come to an action. This however will require the help of professional choreographer if you want all movements and steps to be flawless and smooth. But the fun you’ll have and show you’ll created surely will be priceless!

The important key to success is the right lighting, which will only add more dramatic effect to your first dance. A nice idea is to project your monogram or the names of you both while all other lights are dimmed. You’ll have to make sure that person who’s taking care of your party light or entertainment is equipped with all necessary stuff to create what you’ve requested.


However to create a magic atmosphere you can involve your guests, even the smallest ones. For a really cute dance you can give each of children attending a bottle of soap bubbles, asking them to circle you and you groom on a dance floor, blowing as many bubbles as possible. Think of it on your wedding photos! AS well you could use some sparklers, which can be give to the guests by entrance accompanied by personalized boxes of matches. Also your DJ or vocalist’s collaboration will be needed to inform guests at the right moment about what’s going to happen. In a precise moment all your guest gathered in big circle around the stage will light the room with sparklers. Wonderful setting for most romantic wedding photos!

There is another one trend getting very popular among the couples. It is to share their first dance with those who are dearest to them. If you want to honour someone, for example  your parents, invite them on the dance floor. This will be truly heart-warming gesture, which will help to start the dancing party.



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