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A wedding  day should be special just from the beginning, not from the moment in which you put on your wedding dress. With us and our tips it will be the day from the moment you wake up!

The night before the wedding is often a sleepless one for many brides. Stress of preparations, worries about little details, hair and makeup can truly loom large on their minds. But at least after sleepless night indulge yourself in lovely morning, no matter if you are an early bird or a sleepy cat. Of course some couples prefer to not see each other the morning of your wedding, whereas other are living together for so long that to wake up side by side on the wedding day is the most natural thing in the world.


A breakfast in the bed
This is an option for those who decided on single bed sleep. If you happen to sleep at your parents, ask someone, maybe your mom or your brother/sister to prepare for you a special breakfast and wake you up with it. On this day you deserve a luxurious treatment, so why not to start the day by gorging yourself on caffelatte and croissants?  Of course if you are the edgy bride it may be difficult for you to eat anything. But remember, it will be long time before you actually will be able to eat on your wedding party!

Camera… Action!

Another one way to make the bridal morning an unusual one is to take a short movie, kind of Sleeping Beauty, with groom kissing you awake. It can be joined with the breakfast in bed idea. The person who actually is to wake you up can take some footages of this special morning. Don’t worry about hair and makeup. For private use only!

I just call to say…


…I love you. Yes, this definitely is a nice way to wake up on the morning of your wedding. A short call with just three words, but such a joy! An idea for couples who decided to spent their last night as fiancés separately.  Of course to do it one of you will have to set the alarm clock in order to be awake before the second half. But to hear these words, and feel joy of saying them is surly worth the effort.

For me and for you…
A little gift surely will be wonderful way to say to your spouse all your feelings  of this memorable morning. Flowers filling bride’s room with wonderful fragrance is truly romantic way to wake her up. You can send to each other a special gift which will have meaning only for two of you with a card attached to it. Make sure the gift actually will be placed at the bedside, so it will be the first thing to be seen. Eventually you can ask someone who will be with your fiancé to give it to her or him. Version for couples: breakfast in the bed with gift exchanging.

Dance me to the end of love
To wake up to the sound of the favourite song is a nice and relaxing way to say good morning on this so long expected day. Plan to do it together: wake up to song which both of you regard as soundtrack from your own love story. Or it can be a song you chose as your first dance. Instead of waking up by noisy and annoying alarm clock be kissed by tunes which will introduce you into mood of the day.


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