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who-plays-whatOrganizing a wedding is much like making a movie. You are the director, responsible for every aspects and the starring actress. To who assign the co-starring roles?

So, here you are, with your guests lists, the venue options, menu to chose and many other details to be taken care for. For you are directing the masterpiece called ”My Wedding Day” and so you are responsible  for everything. And as you know there are some roles to be played. To who assign them and what to expect from your “actors”: friends and family members?

Role one


The Maid of honour. Her responsibilities depend only on what bride want her to do, but the one that is required is to participate in wedding ceremony. But traditionally she’s also helping with many other thing, such as invitation choosing, the venue inspection, wedding gown fitting and many others. Actually she’s more the bride’s PA than anyone else. On the wedding day her main activity is to emotionally and practically support the bride, so you’re maid of honour should be someone whom you know well and trust. A best friend perhaps or sister. Remember, you’ll be spending with her more time than with groom. Usually the maid of honour it’s the leader of Bridesmaids Team, which are the close friends of the bride.

Role two


The best man. Here my dear “director” you’ll have listen to your assistant, the groom. After all the best man is to support him, not you. As you’re the driving force of the “production” the role of best groom is important mainly on the wedding day. So, what he has to do? Well, above all he’s the custodian of the wedding rings until the moment of their exchange, and the rite legal witness. During the reception it is him to make the toast to bride and groom, and to dance with the maid of honour later on. The best man is the boss of a groomsman pack, which usually is the group of groom’s pals.



Flower girl. The recommended age is between four and eight. If in your family there are no girls of that age, maybe one of your wedding guests will be kind enough to let you “hire” their offspring. It is a custom that flower girl walks in front of the bride during the up the aisle walk.  She can spread flower petals from a little basket, or carry a small bouquet of flowers. After the bride arrive to the altar, the girl is to sit down with her parents. Sometimes if the ceremony isn’t going to take long she can stay sitting behind the couple, beside the ring bearer.

Ring bearer. In a formal wedding it is a small boy who carries the wedding rings pinned to a decorative pillow after the flower girl and before the bride. This however almost always is symbolic, for resting upon the pillow are rings imitations, whereas the real ones are in a custody of best man. If the real rings are used, they have to be secured with some thread. After walking up the aisle the ring bearer can sit with flower girl or go back to his parents.


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