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Italian food better than French? Yes, according to Trip Advisor and his top 10. Discover cities and places where Italian food taste best!

Just recently the Trip Advisor, largest in a world travel site, announced the winners of Travelers’ Choice Food and Wine Destination awards, which are based on millions of real unbiased reviews and opinions from travelers around the world. There are two top 10s, USA and European. And to our great pride, we have pleasure to announce that according to TA, Italian food beats even French, for this year winner edition number one is Florence (with Paris, the only one French entry on second place). However, this super romantic city was not the only one Italian destination which was listed, for Bella Italia took up 5 of 10 possible places, with Rome, Sorrento, Siena and Bologna respectively on 3rd, 4th, 5th and 7th places. For you, dear brides, a short resume of characteristic cuisine originated from those beautiful and romantic Italian cities.



The local cuisine is as simple as it is tasty, and consists of  a variety of cheeses and meats, including game. The great example is well known bistecca fiorentina, a Beef Steak Florentine, or roasted and wine braised boar or deer. Very important ingredient are legumes and bread, possibly roasted and served with olive oil, which is another one characteristic  product from the zone. All those delicacies you will be able to try during your wedding party or a holiday at our Borgo il Poggiaccio.


Recipes from Italy: Carbonara

Here the food has its roots in the past, reflecting old traditions. The vegetables seasoned with olive oil, and prepared in many ways, the cheap cuts of meat, and deep fried stuff, such as zucchini flowers, not to mention hard, strong tasting pecorino cheese. Alongside with pasta those are the basic ingredients which are use to prepare delicious plates, such as carbonara (on the photo above), cacio e pepe and many others dishes, which you’ll have possibility to taste while visiting Rome in our beautiful location Villa Grazioli.


Recipes from Italy: Lemon Rice

A perfect place for sea food lovers. The most important ingredients of Sorrento cuisine come from sea and daily fishing trips of the local fisherman. Alongside with pasta and vegetables those ingredients are used to create plate which are the fusion of sea and mountain. Of course we have to mention delicious vines from the zone of Vesuvius and variety of locally produced cheeses such as cacciacavallo, which surely you’ll try while staying at Villa Eliana.


Recipes from Italy: Cantucci

It is another one of wonderful Tuscan cities, so probably you’ll find food here much similar to that of Florence. However there is one thing that can be found only  here, and it is so called pan forte. A unique kind of dense and hard cake made of honey, flour, almonds, candied fruits and secret blend of species. The best is to try it in one of local pastry shops. Another perfect place to try this delicious piece of confectionery is our amazing wedding (but not only) venue Villa Podernovo.



So renowned for its culinary tradition. Based mostly on meats such as red cuts and pork and variety of cheeses, it gave origins to famous ragù a la Bolognese. Another well known products from this beautiful land are prosciutto (ham) and salami. The pasta making here goes to true art in production of tortellini. Another important aspect of local cuisine are wines with sparkling red Lambrusco, with which to toast your big day at mesmerizing…



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