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hot_chocolate_wedding-favor-drink-thumbAs the Autumn passes the weather grows cooler. Warm up your wedding guests evening by giving them creative hot drinks wedding favors.

An idea of something warm and sweet during long autumnal evenings is truly appealing one. A cup of milk with honey, tea or steaming chocolate with melting marshmallows inside... Well, just great! Let your guests remember you long after the wedding party, while staying in their homes. Warm them up with hot drinks wedding favors – not glasses of scalding  drink, but rather mixes to prepare them.

Let us begin!


The first one and probably most associated with autumn and winter is mulled wine spices mix, which you can buy ready or prepare yourself, which probably will be more fun. Get some cinnamon sticks, clove’s nails, cardamom, few allspice berries and dried orange peel. And... that’s all, no magic about it! Now on some small decorative boxes place some of every spice. Tie with ribbon and ready! Still best package idea will small glass jars, which will prevent the aroma to escape. Place a doily or piece of tulle over the lid, tie around and here it is! Not only easy to prepare, but ready for storage as well! I’m sure your guest will love you while sitting in their comfy armchairs sipping the hot mulled wine of your own invention! Highly recommended for wedding parties with no children!


The second option is perfect for everyone attending to the wedding. For who does not like chocolate? And during cold evenings there won’t be anything so much enjoyable and delicious as a cup of hot chocolate shared with friends or the family. You can prepare the family size hot chocolate favors: place in cellophane, cone shaped decorative bag the ready chocolate mix. On the layer of chocolate add generously a layer of marshmallows. Tie with decorative twig and add a favour tag: a sweet evening for all the family! But if you’re wedding guests are no children couples, you can do it differently. Place the mix in paper bags. Then take some stick shaped gingerbreads. Melt some white chocolate and dip every single gingerbread leaving a space where to hold it. Tie gingerbreads with ribbon, place in the cellophane and add the mix in bag. Lovely and sweet mix of chocolate and chocolate covered gingerbread sticks to stir it!


As third there is something very classic and elegant, Tea. But don’t think that tea will be suitable favour only for classic weddings. Oh no! For having different types of tea, some spices, dried fruits and flowers you’ll be able to prepare mixes which will charm your guests completely! As for packaging: it is wise to use cellophane, which will not allow the aromas to evaporate. Than you can eventually place the cello bag in a piece of muslin or any other fabric you like with some cookies near. Still best idea will be to use miniature sized cans or glass jars, which you can than personalize as you please. To the tea you can add some nice things: some homemade cookies, a caramelized sugar stick, sugar jewels or even a tiny glass of honey, which will go particularly well with herbal mixes.  Add a not to every favour informing that the tea mix was created by bride for the occasion of the wedding. Everyone will feel honoured!

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