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pumpkin-hens-partyAll nightmares from your childhood gathered together to celebrate your hen party. Find out about scary Halloween hen night themes!

Monsters, zombies and witches… Does it appeal to you? Bet it does, for Halloween parties were always a great source of joy and fun with little dose of thrill. It may be a quite good idea especially for Christmas time brides to have their hen night a little before the wedding. On Halloween night actually. Well it may seems a little bit creepy, but… Halloween provides you with many interesting suggestions on how and where to celebrate your hen night. Costumes, fake blood, sweets and treats: for this one night just forget about being responsible bride to be,  return to times of fun you had as a kid.

So first of all you’ll have to decide on costumes. The Halloween actually allows you for every silliness and craziness you can only think about. No limits for imagination or ideas. You can have a simple costume party where everyone wears different costumes or a theme party, like for example Zombies night where all of you are dressed up as zombies or Sabbath night with witches and they ugly mixtures galore. Vampires are very trendy as well, but a gang of sexy vamps may cause a little shock on the streets. Still the zombie theme gives you most possibilities for original costumes, for you don’t have to be just a Zombie. There can be a Zombie –Nurse, Zombie Bride (oh yes!), Zombie Rockstar and many many others: all you need is some faked blood, creative make up and ragged clothes!


The costume part is a real fun, but you’ll have to take care of more earthly things, such as catering. Well, what could be the beat food for Halloween hen party? Let us start from drinks. Some bloody marys is just the thing to start the evening with. As for Finger food: use some tiny mozzarellas to create eye balls; take some bread dough, form in a shape of snakes, wrap around sticks bake – you’ll get delicious snakes to use in fondue. You can easily find in stores baking tins in a shape of skull or brains: a gelatin made in that will look really spooky. Of course you can prepare a very traditional meal and serve it in creative but scary way. For dessert you can prepare gravestone shaped cookie, or create grave desserts: little glasses filled with mousses, creams and cover in chocolate cake crumbles with cookie gravestone placed on the top. Realistic? Well, even too much!  Don’t forget to name every plate, even if you’re using traditional food. Just change names to something gross and print in as menu. Can you already see your guests faces?

Now let us think about venue.  You don’t necessarily need to rent a castle or… cemetery! A nice room in a pub or your own living room with some crafty hands, imagination and paint will do just as well! Change your house into scary witches’ den or creepy zombies crypt. Well, I’m not telling you to rent a coffin! Some faked sculls with black draperies and faked spider’s webs will be perfect. For witches house don’t forget the steaming cauldron  and for vampires “blood” filled glasses.  Let your fantasy guide you, and surely the effect will be surprising. Have a fun!

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