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glamorous-brideA perfect bridal look for the autumn wedding: hair, makeup and scent! Do not go in competition, use it as the background for your beauty.

Autumn is a wonderful season. Rich with colours and textures. All this beauty show makes some brides feel they have to compete with the nature. It is a total mistake, for the lovely look of the world outside can be a perfect setting, which will only emphasize your glorious happy bride look. Let the fall help you to be the star of the day!

Make up


Let us start with makeup. Of course, the basic of bridal make up is being natural. What is the goal? Well, we have to enhance your features, and not cover them with an inch thick layer of paints and other stuffs. A little bit of rose on cheeks to highlight the romantic, dewy warm complexion is a perfect spot from which to start. A touch of nude lipstick on your lips... Ok, here we are!
Still if you plan (or really must) to go inventive, your eyes are probably the best zone for a bit of makeup creativeness.  Soft browns, golds, rusty reds: with these colours you can be as creative as you wish, for they will only add a fall touch to your face. Keep in your mind the wedding timing as well: the evening reception, darker colours will be better, whereas lighter ones will work just perfect during the day.
When deciding on your makeup don’t forget one important factor: you eye’s colour.  Golds and greys will only highlight the beauty of blue and gray eyes, whereas to enhance the greens you’ll have to use coppers and russets.  Do not exaggerate with colours though: what you want your guests to see is not your makeup, but your eyes filled with love.



The way you’re going to wear your hair on the wedding day will depend on many factors: their length, the veil length, and so on... But don’t worry about fashionable curls or sheet straight hair. Above all you should decide on a hairstyle with which you are comfy. It shouldn’t neither need much attention during the day. To give your hair the autumnal feeling you should rather use the accessories. Fall foliage (even the faked one) can be a truly gorgeous add woven into hair. Maybe a wreath of autumn berries (very delicate and modest though) around your head? Would do: lovely and original! Eventually you can use some autumnal detail on your veil as perfect finishing touches.



No matter if you normally wear perfume: you should use it for your wedding day! The right perfume, as we already wrote, will create a sort of olfactory memories album from your wedding day.  For fall opt for warmer notes in the scent: musk, cedar, sandalwood, patchouli.  Remember that you are not supposed to smell the scent yourself  if it is perfectly chosen.
Now, as your setting into your bridal look ideas, remember one thing: it is not the dress, the makeup or hairstyle to bring out the beauty. It is you and your happiness, so... smile as much as you can!

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